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The History and Legacy of Valley Fort RFC

Are you a rugby enthusiast in Hong Kong? If so, you may be interested in learning about the history and legacy of Valley Fort RFC. This historic rugby club has a rich heritage and has been providing a comprehensive program for mini and youth rugby players aged 9 to 12 since the 1970s. Valley Fort RFC was formed through the merger of two prestigious rugby clubs, Stanley Fort RFC and Valley RFC. This merger brought together the best of both clubs and created a strong foundation for the future. Since then, Valley Fort RFC has been dedicated to nurturing young rugby talent and promoting the sport in Hong Kong. The club offers regular training sessions for all age groups, with the older children also training on Friday evenings. This ensures that players receive the necessary coaching and guidance to develop their skills and understanding of the game. The training sessions are inclusive, with girls and boys training and playing together until the U9 level. This promotes gender equality and allows players to learn from and compete with each other. Competitive opportunities for the Minis and U11 teams come in the form of festivals. These festivals are family-oriented full-day events where teams play short games against different opponents. It's a great way for players to showcase their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of the rugby community. These festivals are held once a month from October onwards, providing regular opportunities for players to test themselves against different teams. At the U12 level, the teams have the chance to participate in either the Richard Hawkes Cup or the Kim Lam Cup. The Richard Hawkes Cup is a mixed/boys tournament, while the Kim Lam Cup is a girls tournament. Both tournaments consist of six rounds, giving players a taste of competitive rugby and the opportunity to compete for a trophy. Valley Fort RFC also offers the exciting opportunity to compete overseas on an annual club tour. Recent tours have taken players and their parents to destinations like Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia. These tours not only provide a chance to play against international teams but also allow players to experience different cultures and create lasting memories. The highlight of the season for Valley Fort RFC is undoubtedly the Hong Kong Sevens. This prestigious event attracts thousands of rugby fans from around the world, and the Minis players get the incredible opportunity to showcase their skills at the Hong Kong Stadium. It's a thrilling experience for young players to play in front of such a passionate crowd and be part of the rugby fever that grips the city during the Sevens. To stay updated with all the latest news and updates from Valley Fort RFC, be sure to visit their website. The website will have a modern and interactive design, reflecting the club's forward-thinking approach. With a white background, black as the secondary color, and red as the third color, the website will provide a user-friendly experience. It will feature a landing page with a welcome section, an "About Us" section to introduce the club, and a dedicated club news section for future updates. The website will also include a member login feature, making it easy for members to access exclusive content and stay connected with the club. In conclusion, Valley Fort RFC is a well-established rugby club in Hong Kong that offers a comprehensive program for mini and youth rugby players aged 9 to 12. With regular training sessions, festivals, tournaments, overseas tours, and the opportunity to participate in the Hong Kong Sevens, the club provides a fantastic platform for young rugby enthusiasts to develop their skills and passion for the sport. So, if you're looking to be part of a thriving rugby community in Hong Kong, Valley Fort RFC is the place to be!



Valley Fort RFC is one of the oldest mini and youth rugby clubs in Hong Kong.  The Club was founded in the 1970s through the merger of two of Hong Kong’s oldest and most prestigious rugby clubs, Stanley Fort RFC and Valley RFC.

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