Bad Weather Policy at Stanley Fort & St Stephens


  • Training will be cancelled on Typhoon Signal 8 or above
  • Training will be cancelled on Red or Black rain storm warning
  • Training will be cancelled on Thunderstorm Signal

For training fixtures and festivals at other clubs - please monitor your e-mail and website. If in any doubt phone your Head Coach, their telephone numbers are available in the Contact List.
Please click HERE for Weather Forecast. 


Thunderstorm policy and Inclement air Policy

Thunderstorms, like inclement air, is/are localized but the HKO only reports on thunderstorms on the island as a whole – which is a pain. For clarity if players are on a public LCSD pitch (HV6 included) the grounds person will inform the Head coach immediately if training needs to stop. Likewise the St Stephens gate guard will inform the club if we need to stop training due to a storm. At the Fort it is up to the senior H/C present to call off training at their own discretion upon advice from the union.