2017 - 2018 Season

VFRFC U12 Team


Head Coach: Philip Lynch


Team Coordinator: Susan Wheeler


Message from the Coach:

Posted on 10 Oct 2017

VF U12 Weekly Update: Week 2nd October 2017

Hi all,

Apologies for the late update this week. It's just very brief:


  • Training is back on again this weekend at St Stephens at 10:30am. If you have not accepted / declined in Teamer please do so as this is what the coaches use to determine the training plan for the boys.
  • Philip picked up 2 VF baseball caps at our last training at The Fort. If these are yours / your sons, please let us know.


  • The 15th October is no longer deemed a viable option for the 15th October due to the large number of boys heading to camp with Kellet. We will try to fit in a date closer to Christmas. 

Teamer Pictures

  • When you get a chance, please can you update your son’s profile in Teamer with a photo.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions!

Philip, Martin & Susan


Posted on 6 Oct 2017

VF U12 Weekly Update: Week 25th September 2017

Hi all,

Few updates for this week:


  • Thanks all for braving the wet start on Sunday at The Fort! Despite this, there was approx. 50 new kids in total (across all age groups) that turned for the open day. For the U12 group we welcome two new players – Liam and Thomas.
  • Remember there is NO TRAINING THIS WEEKEND due to the National Day public holiday. We will see you back at our next training session on the 8th October.


Coaches Corner

  • We managed to navigate the new positional groupings without any dramas. Boys were assigned to positions primarily based on their player questionnaire plus input from coaches. I had several individual conversations with boys to provide work-ons if they want to play different positions. Feel free to reach out with any particular feedback or concerns.
  • Forwards were introduced to the U12 scrum which I think they relished. We didn’t allow push contest during the match as we want to emphasise stability first.
  • The backs worked on drawing the man, passing and some basic skip moves. The game at the end was 12 vs 12 which is similar to tournaments and allowed us to assess all the boys in one match.
  • One final thought on flexibility or lack thereof. I am not talking about the coaches or even your spouse’s willingness to change schedule at short notice :-) Sunday’s warm-down exposed a surprising lack of flexibility in boys so young. Many are not able to touch their toes. We will work on this at practice but 10 minutes, once a week, is not going to make an impact and this has long term implications far beyond rugby. Please consider whether this is something you want to prioritise with your son.



  • We would still like to get the boys and parents together in a more social setting. We know that weekends are filling up but we are proposing to get together on the 15th October after practice 12pm – 2:30pm. Susan will send out a Teamer availability request to determine if there are enough people around to make this worthwhile. Please respond so we can get a good view this week.


Teamer Pictures

  • When you get a chance, please can you update your son’s profile in Teamer with a photo.


As always, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions!

Philip, Martin & Susan


Posted on 23 Sep 2017

VF U12 Weekly Update: Week 18th September 2017

Hi all,

Few updates for this week:

Training / Open Day

  • Don’t forget this Sunday 24th Sept is the VF Open Day so training for the U12’s will happen at The Fort, 10am – 11:30am – NOT St Stephens!
  • Bring along friends / anyone who may be interested in playing rugby. If possible, please let Susan know beforehand so we know how many boys we will need to integrated into the training.
  • Please also remember to confirm your availability on Teamer as early as possible prior to all training sessions. The coaches are building the training plan based on player availability in advance of Sunday so this info is needed!

Coaches Corner

  • Congratulations to all the boys on another good session in challenging conditions. Over the first three weekends we have successfully eased the boys back into contact with a focus on basics (passing, tackling, rucking) while introducing and reinforcing our cultural norms: being on time, taking responsibility for our own actions, helping to clear up, focus on team-work and celebrating acts of courage in tackles and rucking more than scoring. We have also explained the new rules introduced by World Rugby over the season. Hopefully we have also managed to have some fun along the way.
  • We are now moving into block 2 where we will split into forwards and backs. We will take into consideration player feedback in the questionnaire when looking at positions. Forwards and backs will train separately for part of this Sunday’s practice and will focus on different skills.
  • The forwards will be focusing on basics with safety our number one focus. This is the first year of push scrum so our boys have essentially never been in a scrum. We will be emphasizing technique first, second and third to ensure safety. For your reference, the contest at U12 is introduced slowly with a maximum shove of 1.5m beyond which the whistle is blown and we reset.
  • For the backs, we will develop skills according to players’ current needs. One group will continue to focus on pass technique and structure (running on to the ball from deep, W, dab etc). For others we will begin to introduce different running lines, loops, two possible receivers (one flat, one deeper).
  • As always, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the coaches if you have any questions or concerns about your son’s training. All the coaches are hungry to get better all the time.


  • As you will have seen from Keir’s note, Kukris will be providing all the boys and the male coaches with new tops. These should be delivered in approx. 3 weeks.
  • The current tops will need to be returned and they will be donated to charities we are linked with in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Cambodia

U12 World Cup Challenge

  • Congrats to all those who participated in the U12 WCC. It was a great event very much enjoyed by all the boys (despite the heat!!).
  • If anyone has any feedback on how to improve the event in the future please email Susan to pass onto the organizers as they would very much like to hear.

HK Rugby Level 1 Coaching Course

  • The HKRU/World Rugby is a foundation course designed to introduce basic coaching skills, safe coaching of contact rugby through “Hotspots” or Key factors and the ability to analyses the game through the principles of rugby.
  • If you are interested in attending, the course is this Sunday 24th Sep, register at
  • Applicants pay directly themselves and will then be reimbursed by the club – if you get Keir a receipt!

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions!

Philip, Martin & Susan


Posted on 29 Aug 2017

VF U12 Weekly Update: Week 28th August

Hi all - Few items for this week!

Last communication via regular email (rather than email from Teamer) as we have a number of attachments to send you and easier to attach on email. All attachments also stored under the ‘Documents’ section on Teamer.

Kick Off & Social

  • Such a shame we had to cancel as we had a great kick off planned for the boys. As this could not be done in person, please can the boys complete the attached objectives questionnaire and either send it back to Susan on email or bring it to practice on Sunday. 
  • If the boys are looking for some rugby inspiration then have them watch ‘Richie McCaw: Chasing Great’ which they would have been watching at the kick off. You can get it at online (for the moment) at .
  • We will look to reschedule the Social a later date. Look out for more details in future comms!

U12 World Cup Challenge

  • Saturday 16th September @ Kings Park, 11am – 5pm.
  • Please confirm by EOD THURDAY as to whether your child will be participating and their 1st, 2nd, 3rd country choices out of the following: Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Tonga, USA and Wales.Country kit will be provided.
  • This is a great opportunity for the kids to get to know and play with their peers in other age groups. Details of tournament attached.
  • In addition parent volunteers are needed to help man registration desks and act as pitch marshals. Please let Susan know if you can help!!


First Day of Training

  • Sunday 3rd September @ St Stephen's College sports pitches in Stanley, 10:30am – 12:00pm. Playing near side to main entrance this year.
  • Bring lots of water and mouthguards and wear last year’s kit for first practice.
  • We don’t get onto the pitch until 10:45am, so meet on the track nearest to the main entrance/our area for the warm up.
  • You will receive an email from Teamer to confirm attendance later this week. Please respond.
  • Philip will be in the UK for a wedding this weekend so will not be able to attend training. Martin will be running the overall session this week along with Ruan Du Plooy (Valley’s Scrum Half).
  • Look out for a ‘Coaches Corner’ communication later this morning from Philip and Martin talking about the approach to this season’s rugby.


Kit & Essentials

  • Kit should be distributed on Sep 3rd at training. We need 2 or 3 volunteers to help hand these out to boys – let Susan know if you can help.
  • Please refer to Keir’s email for info about mouthguards and Xblade boots – attached and under the Documents section in Teamer.



  • We are running a Recruitment Day on Sept 24th. On this day, training will happen at The Fort for all Mini Boys. Please encourage the boys to invite their friends along. We could do with some more boys in the age group! More details to follow.



Philip, Martin and Susan


Encl: U12 World Challenge Cup 2017.pdf

          VF U12 Player Objectives.docx


Posted on 27 Aug 2017 (11.30am)

VF U12 Kick Off CANCELLED: Sunday 27th August

Hi all,

Given that it is very unlikely that the T8 signal will be lowered before noon and the weather conditions are still less than ideal the Kick Off today is also sadly cancelled.

We will be sending out an update tomorrow on how we will address the items we were going to cover in the kick off, an alternate date for the social, getting ready for the first training session and the U12 World Challenge Cup.

Stay warm and dry!



Posted on 27 Aug 2017 (8.10am)

VF U12 Kick Off DELAYED: Sunday 27th August

Morning all,

With the T8 signal being hoisted this morning we are trying our best to accommodate the boys Kick Off portion of todays event. Therefore our new plans are as follows if the T8 signal is lowered before 12pm today:

  • Kick Off (boys only) starting latest 1pm and finishing by 3pm. We will start earlier at 12:30pm if the T8 is lowered earlier.
  • Social part of the day is cancelled and will be rescheduled for a future date.

Please look for a communication later this morning to confirm timings for boys Kick Off today if T8 is lowered by noon.

Any questions or concerns, let me know!



Posted on 23 Aug 2017

VF U12 Brief Update

Hi all - Couple of quick(ish!) things I wanted to highlight:

Kick Off Sunday 27th August

Looking forward to seeing the vast majority of you there! Quick reminder:

·        BOTH the Kick Off & the Social are at 127 Repulse Bay Road – NOT St Stephens! Come straight to the top of the driveway and through the lobby to the function room. Parking for the Social (for those who confirmed) is at the top of the driveway.

·        Boys don’t have to wear their kits this Sunday.

·        Don’t forget first training is next Sunday 3rd September @ St Stephens – more details next week to your email via Teamer.



Teamer is up to date now with players and the event calendar – please take a look at !

·        The contacts for players in Teamer are the same as last season so log onto the U12 group using previous log on details.  

·        We can now add multiple contacts / emails to your son’s profile (last year we could only have one contact per player). To add new contacts to receive team comms then click on your son’s profile and choose ‘Add Contact’ then follow the instructions. After the Kick Off I will be using Teamer to communicate so please ensure your details are up to date!

·        The week prior to training and tournaments you will be asked to confirm your availability via Teamer as per last season.

·        If you have any problems at all with teamer (logging on, new contact, viewing calendar etc) please let me know.


Important Calendar Dates – Richard Hawkes Cup

I mistakenly sent out the details for the Festivals instead of the Richard Hawkes Cup. U12 Boys play for the RH Cup through a number of tournament days and NOT the Festivals. Dates of the RH Cup Rounds are pretty much the same as the Festivals – these are in Teamer:

·        Sunday 5th November 2017: USRC Tigers Festival RH Cup Round 1 @ Happy Valley

·        Sunday 26th November 2017 – HKU / Sandy Bay Festival RH Cup Round 2 @ Happy Valley

·        Sunday 3rd December 2017 – RH Cup Round 3 @ Kings Park

·        Sunday 10th December 2017 – Flying Kukris Festival

·        Sunday 21st January 2018 – Tai Po Festival RH Cup Round 4 @ Happy Valley

·        Sunday 11th February 2018 – Valley Fort Festival RH Cup Round 5 @ Happy Valley

·        Sunday 11th March 2018 – HKFC Festival RH Cup FINALS @ HKFC


Any questions, let me know!



Posted on 15 Aug 2017

Hi all,

Hard to believe that the summer is nearly over and we are gearing up for the 2017/18 season already! Philip and I just wanted to keep you updated with some important information as we head into the season so apologies (again) for the long email. We DEFINETLY will try to keep these shorter in the future. If there is anything we have missed please let us know and we will get the info to you.

Important Calendar Dates

We will be putting these dates up on Teamer but please get them in your calendar now.

·        Sunday 27th August 2017 – U12 Team Kick Off & Social

·        Sunday 3rd September 2017 – First Day of Training (10:30am to 12pm @ St Stephens, any exceptions will be communicated).

·        Saturday 16th September 2017 –  U12 Boys & Girls Mini World Cup / Cup of Nations

·        Sunday 5th November 2017 – USRC Tigers Festival

·        Friday 10th November 2017 – First Friday Evening Training (6:30pm to 8pm @ HKIS).

·        Sunday 26th November 2017 – HKU / Sandy Bay Festival

·        Sunday 10th December 2017 – Flying Kukris Festival

·        Monday 1st January 2018 – New Year’s Day Youth Rugby Tournament

·        Sunday 21st January 2018 – Tai Po Festival

·        Sunday 11th February 2018 – Valley Fort Festival

·        2nd – 4th March 2018 – KL Saracens Intl 10’s Tour

·        Sunday 11th March 2018 – HKFC Festival

·        6th – 8th April 2018 – Hong Kong Sevens

Pre Season Fitness Training

U12’s are welcome to join the Colts (U13 and above) for some pre season fitness training at Happy Valley 6. The sessions are as follows and please let us know if you are thinking of going so we can advise them:

·        Thursday 17th August 6:30 – 8:00pm

·        Sunday 20th August 10:30 – 1:00pm

·        Thursday 24th August 6:30 – 8:00pm


Team Kick Off & Social

As we mentioned back in June, this is a team building event to get the season off to a great start.

·        When: Team Kick Off - Sunday 27th August 10:30am to 12:30pm (Boys only - Mandatory for those in HK)

·        When: Social - Sunday 27th August 12:30pm to 2:30pm (Boys & parents welcome & encouraged)

·        Where: 127 Repulse Bay Road

·        Team Kick Off: In the initial part of the kick off the coaches will be working with the boys to define individual and team goals and objectives for the season as well as watching ‘Richie McCaw: Chasing Great’ for a little inspiration!

·        Social: Parents welcome from 12:30pm onwards to eat, drink, swim, play football, table tennis etc. Siblings welcome.

·        RSVP: Please let Susan know if your family can make it to the latter part of the event so we can cater appropriately.Again, there is limited car parking space so please let me know if it is a must to bring your car.

·        P.S: We do realise the conflicts with the Coach the Coach sessions but appropriate arrangements are being made to handle this.

 U12 Boys & Girls Mini World Cup / Cup of Nations

This is a fun event that has been run in 2015 and 2016 which bring together players, coaches and parents from different clubs to kick off the season. We encourage as many of you as possible to attend to give Valley Fort a great representation.

·        When: Saturday 16th September between 11am – 6pm approx.

·        Where: Kings Park

·        What: Players are allocated to one of 20 country teams completely mixed by club, ability and gender with national shorts provided by each of the teams by a union / sponsor. Format is a round robin stage followed by a knockout. To get a feel for the event see

We will talk more about this at the Kick Off and the initial training session but please let me know if your son is already interested in taking part in this event. We need to have players submitted no later than the 5th September. 

Introducing our Pro Coach

We are excited to introduce our Martin Muller as our Pro Coach for U12. Martin played in South Africa and is a top class second row (great news for the forwards!) with both Super Rugby and Currie Cup experience. Read this SCMP article SCMP story for a bit more background on Martin.

Team Communications

We will be continuing to use Teamer and WhatsApp as the main modes of communication (thanks Duncan and John for getting us more technologically advanced last season!). Watch out for further info coming through on our TeamSnap page and we will use the email function within it to send out broader communications. We will have this up and running by the Kick Off on the 27thAugust. Once we have this up to date, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you can think of any improvements.

Social Kitty

We are proposing to have a social kitty that everyone contributes a set amount to in order to cover our social events (including the upcoming kick off) throughout the year. We will let you know more about our proposed social events very soon! If you have any specific objection to this approach please let me know otherwise we will assume you are ok with it 😊.

Final point – look out for details from Keir later this week on kit distribution.


That’s it for now!!

Philip & Susan





Posted on 20 June 2017

U12 Rugby Sign-Up

Dear Parents,

I am really pleased to be back with this group as U12 head coach for the upcoming season.  I will be in touch soon to thank Jon and Duncan properly and to introduce our plans for the upcoming year with Leo’s mum Susan Wheeler taking on the new role of Team Coordinator.  But for now…

Thank you if you have registered online, paid and done the kit fitting at Escapade.  Ignore the rest of this message.

If not can you please do so ASAP.  The club has a new process in place this year which is more efficient but needs some parent attention up front.  It is pretty straightforward.  If you are still in HK, get your son down to Escapade, Repulse Bay and try on the kit and fill out the form in the shop. If you are not in Hong Kong please fill in the attached form using the attached size guidelines and email the forms to  Same process for coaches please.  You also need to have registered and paid online.


Everyone who has followed the process will get a bag with kit including printed name on both sides at the first day of practice.  Nice and simple.




Encl: Kukri Measurement Guide NEW.pdf

          VFRFC Kit Fitting Form v.2.xlsx