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Message from the Coach:

Posted on 21 Nov 2017

*Sandy Bay Mini Rugby Festival*

Dear U9G/U10G Parents,

The Sandy Bay mini rugby festival will be held this coming Sunday, 26th November at the Stanley Ho Sports Center, Shan Wan Drive in Pok Fu Lam.  Below are several important notices including timetables and logistical details.  Keep this email for reference.


ALL girls will play on both teams, VF1 and VF2.  Some matches are at the same time so we will need all girls from each age group to arrive at their allocated time.

For the girls who signed up - U9G at Pitch 4C at 2:00PM and all the U10G at Pitch 4A at 2:20PM.

Let me know as soon as possible if your plans have changed.

*All U9 and U10 games will take place on pitch area 4.*

Match times:

The HKRU App is up and running.  There you will find the schedules for your daughters age group. 

HKRU mini rugby app

Download the app using these links or search on the app stores.  Extremely useful for timetables, pitch assignments, etc.

iOS  https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/hk-mini-rugby/id1076147005?mt=8

Android  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hkrugby.minirugby


How to get there

Google map link https://goo.gl/maps/X1nAbRrW8mT2

MTR - to Kennedy Town, exit A and take bus no. 58

No parkingis available at the ground.  The organisers have arranged for up to 3 hours of complimentary parking at Cyberport (Carparks 1 and 2).  Please go to the customer service counter with your child in their rugby kit to redeem this concession.  There will be a bus big up area to bring you to the pitch - if you should decide to do this then leave yourselves ample time as its a rotating schedule and other club will be using this method of transport to Stanley Ho Sports Complex.



All GIRLS must be in this season's kit with their name clearly written on the back.  No jewellery please. And hair tied back off their faces.



Mouth guards.  Referees will be checking these before games.

Lots of water

Be on time


Friday training at HKIS

We will have training at HKIS from 6:30 to 8:00pm on Friday and would like as many players as possible to attend.  Bus details will be provided by the club later this week.

Please email Steve or I with any questions you might have.

Have a fantastic week ahead!


Ashlee and Steve


Posted on 16 Nov 2017

Weekly Note

Dear U9G and U10G -

Last weeks Friday evening training was a success!  The girls got dirty, sweaty and there were even some competitive tears shared among the group.  Their skills have improved 10 fold.
And a big thank you for all the girls that were able to turn up for the tournament at Kings Park two weeks ago Sunday.  The girls played with passion and drive and like a solid team all around.  VF parents should be extra proud!
*As for the next tournament, it is less than two weeks away.  On Sunday, November 26th, Sandy Bay will host the next festival at Stanley Ho Sports Complex in Pok Fu Lam.  It is very likely the girls will be playing from 2:30 PM onwards.  More details to come once all has been finalised.  
--Please let Steve and I know asap if you plan to attend this festival.  We would love to see each girl out there proving their skills once again.  All levels welcome - playing in the matches proves to be a milestone for their overall rugby development.
Training times this week:
Friday Night - NO TRAINING! However there will be a Friday night training on November 24th at HKIS for 6:30-8PM.  
Sunday Morning - November 19th at St. Stephens College at 10:15AM street time.  Team snap went out.
Keir sent out an email this week with very important information-please take a minute and read through it.
Have a great week ahead,
Ashlee and Steve

Posted on 1 Nov 2017


Dear U9G and GU10G Parents,

The USRC Tigers mini rugby festival will be held this Sunday at King’s Park in Kowloon.  Below are several important notices including timetables and logistical details.  Keep this email for reference.

Match times:

Schedule attached as well as the girls that have signed up to attend. Please let me know if you have any change of plan etc.

*U9's and U10 girls need to be at Kings Park no later than 10:40AM on Saturday - there is a special training for the girls provided by the Rugby Union Coaches*.  Steve and I will both be there, give us a call if you can't locate us.  

Encl: Tigers Festival U9%2FU10 Girls


Posted on 19 Oct 2017

Training this Sunday

Dear U9/U10 Parents,

1. Please note that this Sunday's training is at Stanley Fort.  The start time is 9:45AM - Please be on time.  As well, give yourself enough time to get there and to get through security.  Here is a bit of information for first the timers.


Training at the Fort


  • The Fort is located at the end of Wong Ma Kok Road in Stanley.  Drive past the entrance to St. Stephens College and continue for a further 1.8km until you reach the barracks gate.
  • The training ground and carpark are located within the army barracks.
  • Your HKID, passport or some other acceptable form of identification will be required to gain entry to the grounds.
  • Soldiers will be positioned at the various road junctions and at the carpark to guide drivers.
2. Also, as we have our first rugby festival on Sunday, November 5th.  It will be held at Kings Park.  Once we have all final details we will email you the schedule.  
**Please let Steve and I know no later than this Sunday if your daughter will be playing in the tournament.**
-We will need to let the organisers know how may teams will play and importantly we need to devise the teams.  
-If you could send us a quick yes or no that would be most helpful.
3. The Clubs Chairman has sent out an email with other valuable information.  Do take a glance at it as there is important information regarding the new kit, HK Sevens Ballot, the HKRU Charity Ball and the HK CUP of Nations.
4. Please make sure your daughter has a mouthguard as the club can not allow her to play unless she is wearing one.  Also a reminder that your daughters jewellery must be removed or earrings covered to avoid injury to herself or others.
Any thoughts or questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Have a fanatic rest of your week.
Ashlee and Steve 

Posted on 14 Sept 2017

VF U9/U10G Weekly: 14 Sep

Hi All

Apologies for the delay in getting this week’s note out.

Wow it was hot last week, well done to the girls for sticking with it. Good news is that it only will get easier.

It was great to see the progress in just one week.

This week’s training is at 9.30am at St Stephens again.

Please make an effort to arrive on time and we will finish early if it’s too hot.


Key dates for the year ahead

  • Sunday 5th November 2017 – USRC Tigers Festival
  • Friday 10th November 2017 – First Friday Evening Training (6:30pm to 8pm @ HKIS).
  • Sunday 26th November 2017 – HKU / Sandy Bay Festival
  • Sunday 10th December 2017 – Flying Kukris Festival
  • Sunday 21st January 2018 – Tai Po Festival
  • Sunday 28th January 2018 – Discovery Bay all girls Beach tournament
  • Sunday 11th February 2018 – Valley Fort Festival
  • 2nd – 4th March 2018 – KL Saracens Intl Tour
  • Sunday 11th March 2018 – HKFC Festival
  • Sat/Sun 30/31st March – All Girls Tournament (AGT)
  • 6th – 8th April 2018 – Hong Kong Sevens

Friday night training sessions for U9 to U12 teams will commence on 10th Nov. at HKIS.  Transport arrangements will be communicated closer to the date.


Spartans Race

Kelly has come up with a great idea to enter some VF teams. It is on Sat Nov 4th  http://www.spartanrace.hk/en

Anyone interested pls let her know kelly.haustorfer@gmail.com


Singapore tour

Full information will be provided in the next few days and will be sent to those that have expressed an interest.

Deposits are likely due by Sep 25th. We are at 8/9 so have space if anyone else is interested. 

Names so far are:














Posted on 6 Sept 2017

U9/U10's Girls Rugby

Dear U9 and U10 Parents,
First off thank you all for a fantastic start to the season.  We loved seeing your girls out there focused and ready to get this rugby season started.
A few updates to note:  Please read through as there is pertinent information to follow.
1. Our first social is this Sunday, September 10th, please head over to the Pizza Bar on Stanley Beach after training.  This will give us all a chance to get to know one another as well as a wonderful way for the girls to bond.
2. Our ALL GIRLS DAY is scheduled for Sunday, September 24th at St. Stephens College.  Please encourage your daughter to bring a friend along to enjoy in the fun rugby drills and games. More information closer to the date.
3. If there is still an interest in anyone joining the Singapore tournament please email Steve and I so we can get you all signed up.  The All Girls Tournament is the first weekend of December 1, 2 and 3.  I have attached the necessary info.  Will be an amazing experience for you and your daughter!​
4. Appreciate all of those you have had a chance to download the teamer appto your phones.  Reminders will be sent out weekly.  If you could reply with 'accepted or decline' so we know whether to expect you or not.  If you have just registered please feel to send me a message and I will add you to the group chat as well.  
5. As a general reminder, please remember that these trainings are important as we progress into the beginning stages of contact.  Its important to make these trainings as it will only benefit your daughter to feel more comfortable and confident when she learns to tackle.  If there are any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to talk with any of us at any time.  We are fortunate to be training along side our Pro-Coach, Rebecca and the U10's as they will be our mentors for the coming season.
6.  Wearing jewellery while playing rugby is prohibited and can pose to be dangerous so best to not wear any during training or festivals.  All jewellery either needs to be removed prior to practice or use tape to cover earrings if earrings cannot be removed.  Please do this before arriving to practice or give yourselves extra time to do this once you have reached the pitch - Steve has tape if you need to be taped up.
7. Just as important is wearing a mouth guard/gum shield.  Please make sure your daughter has a mouth guard that fits comfortably and safety into her mouth.  Let week a few girls either didn't have one or were taking it in and out of their mouths during the drills.  If their hands are in the mouths their hands aren't free to catch the ball.  The club will have some for sale this weekend as well you will receive one along with your kit.
8. If your child needs to wear glasses to play rugby (like my son Shaye in U11's) please note that you will need to get protective sports goggles as this is required by the HKRFU.  I bought/ordered Shayes from a website call 'goggles and more'.  Your local eye doctor should have some on hand as well.
9. I believe the committee is looking for a few more volunteers to assist in kit distribution this Sunday.  Please inform Steve or I if you are able to lend a hand.  
Have a great week ahead!
Ashlee and Your U9/U10 Coaches

Posted on 29 Aug 2017

Valley Fort U9G and U10G: Welcome to the 17/18 season

Hi All

We have a great season lined up this year as we continue towards our aim of having the best Girls Rugby club in HK.

It’s great to see so many girls coming back and that we have 30 players registered so far.

This email will be a bit longer than normal as there is a bit of ground to go over so please read through.

I won’t repeat anything that Keir has already stated so please ensure you have read his emails especially around Kit, mouthguards etc.


Season Info


The HKRFU has been looking at the structure for the U9 and U10 Girls and there will be some changes to last year.

Key points to note for now are:

  • U9 and U10’s will train together (as per last year)
  • The aim is to have different age groups for the festivals with relaxed play up\play down rules i.e. U9 girls who are more comfortable in tackle can play up and the reverse (which is similar to what happened last year)
  • More information will be supplied as the season progresses



Very excited to announce that we have Rebecca Thompson coaching us this year. She is a member of the HK team and a key member of the Valley premiership side.

Last year she coached the U16’s and is a great player so you will be learning from one of the best.

Colleen has moved up with the U12’s.



We are looking to use the Teamer app this year to make things smoother. More to come on this.


Fri Nights Training

We will be having training Fri nights again but not till later in the year.


This week


We are at St Stephens, Stanley this week.

9.30am sharp start on the running track on the ocean side (where U10G’s were last year)

Please be reminded, no parking (people often got tickets for parking on the road near the gate), no dogs and please keep the kids to the pitch area.


For the U9’s and new kids and parents  - we will be introducing tackling nice and slowly.

Last year the transition went smoothly and the older girls will be a part of helping teach the new kids.



Hopefully we will be picking up the Kit this week so need some volunteers to help distribute.

Many hands make light work. Please let me know.


One off’s

Girls Open Day

Following on from the success of last year we will be having a Girls Open Day at St Stephens on Sep 24th.

Start thinking now who you are going to bring down. It’s time to start asking the new neighbours and friends at school!

It’s good to see that we already have some referrals (good job Alice). Sian created a hit list on the weekend.


Singapore Tour

This is the first ever all girls Asia tour.

There are 5 clubs from HK going down and it promises to be an excellent weekend of Rugby and Fun.

It will be Dec 1st – 3rd  with the games on Sat and Sunday.

We need to firm up numbers on it soon so please let me know asap if you are keen to go.

More info to be sent out on this next week.


Women’s World Cup and Celebration

I hope that you managed to watch a bit of the WC.

This was the first time that HK has made the WC for either Women and Men. They had a great tournament and made lots of progress.

Would recommend having a look at the highlights of the NZ v England final. It was a great advertisement for women’s rugby https://www.rwcwomens.com/


Also check out this article about Kelsie who plays for Valley. She grew up in HK and at 18 was playing for HK in the world Cup. A great inspiration.


Please put in the diary Sunday the 10th for a lunch at the Pizza Bar in Stanley to help celebrate the Valley Women who have returned from the WC and a great chance to get to know each other.

Congratulations for those still reading. The emails will get smaller I promise.




9464 9020