2017 - 2018 Season



Head Coach: Warren Lockner

Mobile: 9307 9505



 Team Lead:


Pumas  - James Glasgow Eagles - Hayden Gordine Dragons - Warren Lockner
Bears - Michael Hufton Lions - Giles Mahe Sharks - Alfonso Emanuele
Panthers - Terence Montgomery    



Message from the Coach:

Posted on 1 Mar 2018

U7s this week

Dear Parents,

Obviously, last weekend was not the best experience…..and so sorry to see some turn away either because of list issues or because you just got frustrated……for those that did make it….it was a great 20 minute practice.

This week is at the Fort again at 10AM…..the soldiers have not changed, but the list has…..we need to work with it and hopefully practicality will reign shortly….it does happen and it does get better.  Pls be patient and don’t get shot…..I am not sure the club insurance covers bullet wounds.

Have a fantastic peaceful practice.

I will be accompanying an intrepid team that are off for the inaugural Osaka tour this weekend…..I look forward to seeing those travelling on Friday evening.

Have a great week and look forward to seeing us all together as a big team the week after…..we have a critical practice on 11thMarch to combine all of the hard work in our skills and dominate at the last festival of the year……..then we of course give the kids a well deserved break after a grueling 3 weeks of school before they get to showboat at the Sevens.



P.S. Last time…..DO NOT TEST the old “pen is mightier than the sword” ….leave it as a fridge magnet


Posted on 30 Jan 2018

Festival time in King’s Park!

Pls bring layers and importantly a layer under the VF shirt….

Here are the lists of the teams.  Pls note the highlight in yellow for the additional pickup games including 1 match for the Osaka team….

Team Coaches, pls help arrange for replacement coach if original cannot make it, or swap as works for you based on next up.

There are some early buses arranged though Sharks and Bears might wish to stroll in by taxi a little later.

Jessie will send out final details of the buses but just to start to adjust your expectations here is the draft schedule:


Date: 4 February 2018:

To: King's Park

Signage: Valley Fort

To King’s Park: 3 buses

Signage: Valley Fort to King's Park


Valley Fort RFC – Bus 1 & 2

7.05am Redhill Plaza on Pak Pat Shan Road (outside steps entrance to Woodlands Montessori)

7.08am The Manhattan Taxi rank

7.10am Stanley Plaza

7.13am Chung Hom Kok - Wellcome

7.15am Headland Road - Public Bus Stop

7.19am The Lily

7.20am No.101 Repulse Bay Road (no.6 bus stop)

7.25am HK Cricket Club - opposite Public Bus stop

To King’s Park



Valley Fort RFC – Bus 3

7.10am Redhill Plaza on Pak Pat Shan Road (outside steps entrance to Woodlands Montessori)

7.13am The Manhattan Taxi rank

7.15am Stanley Plaza

7.18am Chung Hom Kok - Wellcome

7.20am Headland Road - Public Bus Stop

7.24am The Lily

7.25am No.101 Repulse Bay Road (no.6 bus stop)

7.30am HK Cricket Club - opposite Public Bus stop

To King’s Park


Warren Lockner


Encl: Tai Po Festival timetable U7


Posted on 30 Oct 2017

Tigerfest this week!

Dear Parents and Coaches,

 We have done the drills, we have practiced the matches……..and now its FESTIVAL TIME!!! 

     I have attached the map of King’s Park, we are on Pitch 1 and we will try to congregate near the middle of the stadium end….but we are many and so look for the red shirts

     I have attached the schedule of play for each of the team….Everyone pls note the games for VF8

     Referees….pls note the games you are required to support, PLS work with your head coach if you cannot make that time for a replacement….

     There are hopefully some buses organized to take us to KP as we have an early start…..I will know more on Thursday….watch this space

     All kiddies in their full club outfit (this seasons only) and with mouth guards….

  I am sadly going to be away….Monty has very kindly volunteered to collect the medals for distribution…Head Coaches pls look for Monty for the same.

Have a great time everyone, they are going to do really well.


Miss everyone already…..




Posted on 4 Oct 2017

U7s this week: 8:30AM start at St Stephens

Dear Parents,

After a week’s hiatus we are back on and back at St Stephen’s at 8:30AM.

Pls bring plenty of water and sun screen……this summer is more persistent than a persevering parrot practicing “Polly” in Pidgin.

In the meantime……Let’s take those rugby balls to the beach this half term to improve handling and passing!

Right…..see you then.


Posted on 14 Aug 2017

Valley Fort U7

Dear Parents,

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer….a few more weeks and the rugby season will begin.  There will be more communication on that soon.

This message is about PARENT COACHING.  As most of you know, the mini’s relies on the time and investment of the mums and dads volunteering to coach the kids….and I strongly encourage you to take part….it is great fun, the kids love having their parents on the pitch, giving them extra confidence, especially if this is their first year.  There is no prior experience in even playing rugby needed.  If you could let me know if you “currently” plan to coach pls let me know and for those of you I have not met, just a quick brief on level of experience if any….e.g. “none and never picked up a ball”… “this is my 5th child I am coaching through Valley Fort”  so that we can get the right mix of experience in each team.

Furthermore, for ALL coaches that can make it, we will organize a “Coach the Coach” session on Aug 27th to learn some new moves and meet each other…pls come and join us, we need new coaches and this would be a great time to meet the more experienced ones.  Pls include in your mail whether you think you can make it so we plan for the numbers.

For those wonderful mums and dads that put in the time last year and are returning as coaches, pls also let me know as I will be doing the teams soon.

Look forward to seeing everyone very soon.


Warren Lockner