Posted: Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort update - Tuesday 28th November.


Good afternoon,

I hope that you are all well. I imagine that some of you had that ‘hollow’ feeling last week because you didn’t receive your weekly Valley Fort missive! Surprisingly people still managed to get to where they were supposed to be on Friday and Sunday, kids played some rugby and the sun still continued to shine.

It means that we do have some items to cover this week though so here we go. Topics covered in this email:


  1. Training/games this weekend
  2. St Stephens Church Fair, Sat 2nd Dec, St Stephens Pitches
  3. Valley Academy camps, 18/19 Dec and/or  4/5 Jan
  4. VF Festival, 14th Jan, Stanley Ho sports ground
  5. VF Tour to Osaka ‘Kansai Cup’, 2nd to 4th March
  6. HK7s tickets


  1. Training/games this weekend

Colts- Thursday evening training as usual at HV6. Sunday training/games as per your Head-Coaches email.

Minis – Friday NO training for contact age groups. Next Friday training is 8th December.

Minis – Sunday U5 to U10 (including U10/U12G) training at the Fort (see attached schedule). For U10G & U12G NOT on tour you are training at the Fort 10:00 – 11:30.

Minis - Sunday U11 and U12: Sunday training at St Stephens (see attached schedule).


Some VF girls are traveling to Singapore for the HK All girls tour. I believe over 220 girls from HK are traveling so it sounds like it is going to be a fantastic weekend for them. Best of luck.


2. St Stephens Church Fair, Sat 2nd Dec, St Stephens Pitches:

The SS Church fair is this Saturday starting at 10am and finishing around 4pm. If you and your kids are at a loose end it’s worth a visit. I’m reliably informed that their homemade cake stand is top notch, I tend to get held up at the Mulled wine stand. Father Christmas usually arrives around 1pm by helicopter (or fire engine in inclement weather). Some Under 10s will be playing rugby between 2pm and 4pm.    


3. Valley Academy camps, 18/19 Dec and/or  4/5 Jan

Please do take a look at the attached flyers regarding the Valley Academy – they are great fun. These camps are the only Valley organized and run camps. We are aware that other parties have been marketing outside activities to our parents and players – which is completely fine of course. The only point that wish to raise, for all external activities, is that you check that there is adequate insurance cover in place through the organisers. Or that you are happy to cover the insurance yourself.  


4. VF Festival, 14th Jan, Stanley Ho Sports ground:

Our festival is just after Christmas. We DO invite U5s to play in the festival and we WILL be asking for a range of volunteers very soon. Your head coaches will be asking for pitch marshals and I’ll be asking for helpers to assist with the festival control points and staff the VF merchandise tent. If you want to beat the rush and volunteer now just send me you name. I’ll be really obvious and say that those who volunteer may be viewed favorably when it comes to additional HK7s ticket requests.   


Also if there are any parents who wish to take a stall (to sell items) at the Festival please let me know and I’ll pass you to the correct person.


5. VF Tour to Osaka ‘Kansai Cup’, Fri 2nd to Sun 4th March:

WE ARE GOING! You will be receiving an email early next week about the VF tour to Osaka. The email will have flight information and how to book onto the tour. It will include as much information as we have. I ask that you bear with us (and the organisers) as there are some moving parts which will firm up as we get closer to the event. The information that you need to know now is that we will be taking ages U6 to U12. There are going to be some rule differences but we will be working on that. The main thing is that we’ve ensuring that U6 to U8 remains non-contact and U9 to U12 remains contact. Japan has mixed teams at the mini non-contact level and I’m waiting for clarification on U9 upwards regarding girls teams. We have asked that the tournament broadly follows the KL format (i.e. group games on Sat with knock-out competitions on Sun). This should  allow for other activities on Friday & Saturday afternoon and enough time to get to the airport on Sunday late afternoon.


6. HK7s tickets:

We expect to understand our ticket allocation in the next week or so. You will receive an email next week on what to do and how to pay. Tickets will need to be bought and paid for in December!!  We are working to make sure that the Ticketflap payment option works the way that we want it to. Weekend ticket prices are Adults HK$1950  (Fri HK$350, Sat and Sun HK$800), Kids HK$950 (Fri and Sat HK$75, Sun HK$800).

Remember – Festival volunteers and good Valley Fort family citizens will have their additional requests looked at favorably.

If you have any questions, issues or concerns please do let me know. Have a great week and see you over the weekend.







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