Posted: Wednesday, Nov 15, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort email, Wednesday 15th November **



I hope that you are all well.

Not too much to cover today thankfully:


1.Training – No training this Friday, 17thNov

2.Training for Minis this Sunday, 19thNov

3.Sandy Bay Festival, Stanley Ho, 26thNov

4.Hong Kong 7s tickets  

5.Valley Fort Minis tour, 2018

6.Charity collection, Sun 3rdDec


1.Apologies butwe DO NOThave U9-U12 training at HKIS this Friday, 17thNov. Next Friday training will be 24thNov @ HKIS Tai Tam.

 2.       Sunday 19th - Training for Minis will mirror last week’s (hopefully with a little less rain for U11 & 12!). I’m aware that some kids are going to be competing in Team Fear this Sunday – best of luck all in the race, it’s great fun! If your child is competing let your coaches know so they can make a plan with the numbers remaining.

Please remember thatdogs are not allowed in the school grounds at all. Last week the school made a compliant that there were dogs tied up inside their grounds. No dogs means no dogs.Also there isno parking inside the grounds. Again there was a compliant made as there was a car (with an outdated Church parking pass) inside the school grounds – in order to attend rugby practice. These issues creates a lot of friction for the club and we will lose the use of St Stephens is this continues.  

3.The Sandy Bay Festival is on Sunday 26thNov at Stanley Ho sports ground.\. There will not be transport provided by the club. There is 3 hours of complimentary parking at Cyberport, for participants with rugby jerseys. Free shuttle buses are provided from Cyberport to Sandy Bay Pitches departing every 15 mins.

I’ll send out more detailed info next week however the outline times are:

U6 – 8 to 10.30; U7 – 8.45 to 12.25; U8 – 1.00 to 4.30; U9 – 8.15 to 2.30; U9G – 2.50 to 5.30; U10G – 2.30 to 4.45; U10 – 11 to 5; U11 – 9 to 4. *Some age groups are playing across the day but it’s likely that your child’s team will be playing for 2 to 2.5 hours.

4.This year it’s very likely that we will be getting parents to pay for their HK 7’s tickets via Ticketflap. It means that we don’t have one poor person having to read over 700 emails and insert requests into a complex spreadsheet (my idea of utter hell!). Ticketflap will do all of that for us! More details will follow but we will hold this process in December. It’s likely that you will have a two week period in which to act and buy.

5.You will each receive an email today, or tomorrow, about a proposed tour to Japan in early March 2018 (KL is cancelled). There will be a VERY SMALL window in which to reply to the email. The level of response will dictate whether we go or not. Once you receive it please read and act straight away.

6.If you have any old sport clothing or boots please drop it off at the Fort on Sunday 3rdDecember. We will get them shipped and donated to worthy charities in need.

Have a good week and keep an eye out for the ‘Tour’ email!




Chairman VF


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