Posted: Thursday, Nov 02, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort rugby - Weekly update and Tigerfest details on 5th November.

Good afternoon,

I hope that you are having a good week so far. Just quickly before the main subjects in the email – if you haven’t got plans this evening get down to Happy Valley Pitch 6 for 7.45pm and support Societe Generale Valley against Borrelli Walsh USRC Tigers for a top of the table clash.  

Colts: Congratulations to our Colts players who were invited to attend National Age Group (NAG) trials last weekend, especially to those that got called back for their second trial last night. We hope that it’s great news for you all – but if you are not selected you should remember that it’s an excellent achievement to be invited for trials in the first place so don’t be disheartened.

You are back into league games this Sunday so best of luck and let’s see some good scorelines.  If you are a U16 going by bus to TSW make sure that you get on the correct bus and don’t get on a mini’s bus going to Kings Park!

U12 Boys and Girls: Are playing in their first Richard Hawkes (RH) and Kim Lam (KL) tournament this Sunday. Your age groups managers/’head coaches have the relevant details but have a great tournament and come back with some silverware – or at the very least give it maximum effort in the tournament.

U5: Look for the email from Cassius and he will tell you the time to be at St Stephen’s this Sunday.

U6-U11 & U10G: Tigerfest at Kings Park. (

It’s our first tournament of the season and we are very keen to get things right from the off. If you haven’t attended a festival before there are a few things to abide by – and for those that have been before then a reminder is always handy:

  1. Tigerfest has the theme of ‘RESPECT’ in line with one of World Rugby’s values. This means everyone should respect team mates, the opposition and the referees. Rugby can be emotional at times (all of the time if you are Welsh!) but it’s especially emotional at festivals. The Club, and the Union, expects coaches, players and parents to treat all other members of the rugby community with respect. If a coach or parent has a comment or point to make please deal with it appropriately after the game. If there are any complaints or concerns speak to your coach or age group head coach or me. DON’T BE SEEN AS ‘THAT’ GUY PLEASE!   
  2. Be at the correct pitch at least 15/20 minutes before your first game. Your child needs time to warm up, get organized and get game ready. For U6, U7 & U9 you are starting between 8am and 9am – therefore we will be providing buses from the Southside to ensure that you get there in good time. The first buses are due to arrive at 7.50 so those players starting at 8.15am should be on those buses. The next bus will arrive at 8am - for those starting around 8.20am and the final bus will arrive at 8.10am – for those starting from 8.30 to 9am. It’s a one way journey so you’ll be finding your own way home. All other age groups follow the directions in the hyperlink above.
  3. Return buses will only be laid on for those players finishing their games after 5.30pm. There will be one bus departing Kings Park at 5.50pm.
  4. Confirmed Bus timings are on the attachment and will also be posted on the VF website. Buses are free to use but are first come first served.
  5. There is also one bus of U16 going to TSW around the same time on Sunday morning. Before getting on the bus ask the driver which destination he is going to. You don’t want to arrive at the wrong place.
  6. No Cars are allowed at Kings Park so do not drive! If you take a taxi get the driver to drop you off on Wylie Road at the bottom of the hill – not on Wylie Path as it is unsafe and leads to complaints from residents living nearby.
  7. There are numerous food options, stalls and some entertainment stalls (bouncy castle, etc) for younger kids too.
  8. For finer age group timings look to the emails from your Head coach.

Have a good weekend and I hope that the great weather holds for Sunday.






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