Posted: Wednesday, Dec 06, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort Update - Wed 6th December

Good afternoon,

I hope that you are all well. I heard very positive reports as to the success of the HK All Girls Tour in Singapore last weekend. I hope that this inaugural event becomes an annual trip and that the Valley Fort girls touring contingent continues to grow year on year.     

This week:

  1. Weekend games & training,
  2. HK7’s tickets,
  3. VF Tour to Osaka,
  4. Training for the remainder of the year,
  5. Valley Academy camps.


  1. Weekend games & Training

Thursday 7thDec

Colts training IS ON at HV6,

Friday 8th Dec

U9 to U12: training IS ON at HKIS, Tai Tam (Jessie will circulate the bus times and route separately),

Sunday 10th Dec

Colts: look for the email from our H/C or Manager to tell you where and when you are playing or training,

Sunday 10th Dec

U12 & U12G: Richard Hawkes and Kim Lam tournament. Look for the email from Susan (RH) or Bob (KL),

Sunday 10th Dec

Minis U11: training at St Stephens from 9 to 10.30,

Sunday 10th Dec

Minis U5  to U10: training at the Fort U9 & U10 from 9.45 to 11.30; U7, U8, U10G & U12G from 10 to 11.30; U5 & U6 from 10.15 to 11.30.


    2.  HK7’s tickets

Apologies for the delay. We are currently waiting for information relating to which age groups play on which days. Until we have this information we cannot proceed. Rest assured – once we have these details we will start this process in earnest.  


    3.  VF Tour to Osaka

We are also waiting for our tour organizer to come back to us with a few more bits of information. More to follow later this week/next week.


    4.  Training for the remainder of the year

Thursday 14thDec

Colts training at HV6

Friday 15th  Dec

Mini contact training at HKIS

Sunday 17thDec

Colts: Training and games as usual

Sunday 17th Dec

U12: Training at St Stephens 10.30 – 12

Sunday 17thDec

U9 to U11: Flying Kukris contact festival. Schedule still being worked on.

Sunday 17thDec

U5 to U8, U12G: Training at the Fort. U7, U8 & U12G from 10 to 11.30; U5 & U6 from 10.15 to 11.30

Xmas break

Training begins again for all on Sunday 7th January 2018.



     5.  Valley Academy camps, December & January

Please take a look at the attached flyers. If you are in HK think about signing up your son or daughter.


All the best




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