Posted: Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort update for 1 Oct 2017


Good morning,

I hope that you are all well.

Things covered this week:

  • Open day last week
  • Thunderstorm policy
  • 1st Oct schedule
  • VF Camp and Academy
  • Premier rugby support
  • KL Tour update


Open Day, Sunday 24 September

I wanted to thank everyone in supporting our efforts to recruit more players into the Valley Fort family. Last weekend we had our open days and saw approximately 50 new players come to training. It would be great if a few/some/all of those kids became full time Valley Fort players. Our Head coaches will be following up with those parents however we still welcome any kid who wants to take a look at playing for the club. We are really happy to have ANY interested potential player (mini and colts obviously) coming to ANY training session to see if they would like our club. If you’ve any new friends to HK, or any friends who have kids interested in the sport, speak to your coach and he will make sure we can assist. Typically we can allow an interested player two or three weeks for a ‘look see’ before we will ask them to decide whether to become club members, or not. 

We aim to hold another day in either late December or early January.


Thunderstorm policy

Last week we had pollution concerns, this week we had thunderstorm warnings so next week I expect a plague of locusts to both us! The club policy is also in line with the HKRU: Thunderstorms, like inclement air, is/are localized but the HKO only reports on thunderstorms on the island as a whole – which is a pain. For clarity if players are on a public LCSD pitch (HV6 included) the grounds person will inform the Head coach immediately if training needs to stop. Likewise the St Stephens gate guard will inform the club if we need to stop training due to a storm. At the Fort it is up to the senior H/C present to call off training at their own discretion upon advice from the union. I was at the Fort last weekend and was in touch with the Union – and I made the call that the thunderstorm had blown through by the time we started training at 09.45/10am – we just got thoroughly soaked instead.


1st October Training

Minis  - Unless your age group head coach informs you of otherwise there is no training on Sun 1st October. As it’s a holiday we’ve no training grounds. Next Training is 8th September at SS.

Colts – training and games as usual. Any questions speak with your H/C.


VF Camp and Academy

Please take a look at the attached flyers for the VF Academy and Rugby Camp. Both have been revised and are definitely very, very good for any kid interested in all sports. The price has been also been revised. Please note that LUNCH IS NOT included however snacks and water is. This is a great way for your kids to spend a morning learning skills from some great players. Our netball academy is led by a New Zealand Netball Silver Fern, our Hockey set up (on the senior side) is now being run by the ex-South African National hockey coach and the rugby session is being run by HK international and Valley premier players: it’s a quality setup so take a look.


Premier rugby support 

Our premier side, narrowly, won against USRC Tigers last weekend in the opening game of the premiership. These guys are great players and could do with our support on Club days. In a few weeks I’ll let you know when they are playing at Happy Valley Pitch 6 and I’d appreciate it if we can get a large number of kids (and parents) there in club colors to support. The minis would lead the Prem teams onto the field and can them play around the edges of the HV pitches if they get bored but I think our kids would be blown away to see and experience the speed, flow and physicality of the adult game that these guys and girls play.


That is all I’ve got for now. Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival break and see you on the Southside I’m sure.




VF Chairman


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