Posted: Friday, Sep 15, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Good afternoon & Happy Friday to you all,

Kukri Mini playing kit: You’ve probably seen that the Mini’s shirts are ‘roomy’ for some or can be used as kites for others. Long story short Kukri have experienced some internal issues which has affected our order and we’ve got the wrong mini shirt sizes.  

The solution is that Kukri are remaking ALL mini shirts from Batch 1. These will be ready mid-October. Here is what we need people to do:

  1. If your child can play in this year’s shirt even though it’s a little baggy – please do so. You’ll still get a better fitted shirt in October.
  2. If your child cannot fit into their top bring your child to the exchange tent on Sunday morning. We will try to give them a better size (unnamed) shirt. * Note, we have about 50 extra shirts.
  3. If your child is new to rugby and doesn’t have kit yet – we will try to accommodate and get them into Valley Fort colors.
  4. If your child was one of the three kids (out of 650) whose name was spelt incorrectly on their shirt we will try to give you an unnamed shirt to replace – but you will get a properly named shirt in October.
  5. If your child cannot fit into their top at all – get them to wear their shirt from last year for now.

Batch 2 & 3 orders are not affected:

Kukri shirt re-collection: Once we get the Kukri re-order we will require you to hand back ALL VF Kukri Mini shirts. These will donated to charities we are linked with in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Cambodia. These items will not become landfill.

Charity collection of kit and boots: We will be taking charity collection of old sports kit (any kids sports clothing & boots) at the Fort and St Stephens on Sunday 24th.

Armory mouthguards for Colts: Armory will be at HV6 this Sunday (and hopefully 24th Sept for U16s). The Armory mouthguards are a decent product so I’d recommend that you take advantage of this offer.

VF Open days: Please see attached the two flyers (one for Boys location and one for Girls location) for our Open day on 24th September.

You’ve already had the email re training times, etc. so see you over the weekend.



VF Chairman



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