Posted: Thursday, Sep 07, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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VF Training, Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th Sept

Good afternoon,

Apologies for the lateness of this week’s email, I needed some info to come back to me before I could send this out. I’ll try to send earlier in the week from now on.

1. Player Welfare Evening – See the attached invitation. It’s open to all parents, coaches and all interested parties. It’s an incredibly important subject so please attend if you can/want.

2. Kit – Attached are the new jerseys, the color is the same as the Valley seniors. The Mini’s jerseys are reversible (but are the same thickness & quality of last year so your child will not overheat).  It’s also, apparently,a ‘slimming’ color for Dad coaches – if you need any further technical information about this please email Simon Anam directly.   

3. Open day/Recruitment -  We will be holding an open day on September 24th at SS (for girls) and Fort (for boys) – details to follow but we really want to recruit more players at all age groups. Please get your daughter or son to bring a friend for the morning. Obviously we have our player referral scheme but we will also have some prizes on the day.

4. Volunteers for Kit Distribution of kit - Can the volunteers for each age group (2-4 per age group) arrive 15 mins before your child is due to start training.  

5. Kit distribution – Can I suggest that you DO NOT change your child into their new kit during practice. Leave it until after practice or when you get home. We have limited time for practice and changing kids mid-way through can be disruptive for all. We have over 650 kids receiving kit on Sunday so it’s inevitable that some kids who need to change a size. IF this is the case please wait until next week and we will try to assist at that point.  

6. Charity collection - We will be collecting old kit and boots ON THE 17TH AND 24TH September. It’s a perfect time to give last year’s kit to charity (Hugo Mahe – that also means the kit from two years ago!!).  

7. Colts training is at HV6 (Dan from XBlades will be at HV6 selling boots, he is looking for two volunteers to help him out. Contact him on

U13, U14 & U14G @ 10.30am – 11.45am.

U16 & U19 @ 11.45am – 1pm

8. Minis training is at St Stephens (Armory mouthguards will be at St Stephens this Sunday)
U5, U6, U7 & U8 @ 08.30am – 09.45am.

U9, U10, U10G & U12G @ 09.30am – 10.45am.

U11 & U12 @ 10.30 – 12.00.

9. Finally – Can you ensure that you/your child know the time and location BEFORE Sunday. If you are unsure ON SUNDAY MORNING don’t send me an email, I’m at training from 8am until 12 so I’m unlikely to be checking emails. If you cannot reach your age group head coach then feel free to call me on 5509 2255 and I’ll try to help.

See you this weekend.




Encl:   Player Welfare Evening Invitation - HKRU





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