Posted: Friday, Sep 01, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
Categories: Club News

Training this weekend - please read
Good afternoon,
The typhoon hat is due to hit, or get close to, HK this weekend is a real spanner in the works. The HKO is saying that they will likely raise T3 on Sat night or Sun morningwith a chance of T8 being raised later on Sun.

With that in mind I want to make a call and postpone kit distribution this Sunday. There is limited value in going through the effort of getting it all in place and then having to call it off or having half squad numbers turn out due to intense rain. Also trying to distribute at HV6 in the tipping rain is also less than ideal. We will now distribute kit on Sunday 10th September.
So - 
Training is ON in a T3 or Amber rain - we will just get a little wet.
Training is OFF in a T8 or a T8 is due to be raised during training. Also training is OFF if there is a thunder storm warning, Red or Black rain warning in place.
ALL kit distribution will be on 10 September
Dan from XBlades is still due to be at SS on 3rd September.
Last updated: 01 Sep 2017 15:47