Posted: Friday, Aug 18, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort Welcome back - Season start information
Dear Parents,
I hope that you've had a wonderful summer so far. Now that school has started, for some, we turn our attention back to our kids activities - and the rugby season kicks off again!
If your kids are not at school yet take a look at the attached flyer for the Valley sports camp being run early next week - there are still some slots available.
Colts season start will be Sunday 27th August at Happy valley pitch 6 (what was called HV8 last year). Some Colts are doing pre season fitness training at HV6 so look for emails from your head coaches.  
From 27th August until 10th September we have slightly different times than normal: 
10.30am - 11.45am: U13, U14G and U14; 
11.45am - 1pm:        U16 and U19 
From 17th September onwards the times revert to:
11.00am - 12.30pm: U13, U14G and U14; 
12.30pm - 2pm:        U16 and U19
Minis season start will be Sunday 3rd September at St Stephen's college sports pitches in Stanley. 
08.30am - 09.45am:  U5, U6, U7 and U8
09.30am - 10.45am:  U9, U10, U10G and U12G
10.30am - 12.00am:  U11 and U12   
New Parents - the first morning of the season is always a little 'busy' with kids, parents, balls and kit winging everywhere. It can also be a little confusing finding your way to the right age group so when you arrive look for the white Valley Fort mini tent and someone will be there to meet you. Also please read the attached letter that is attached.
Kit distribution - should be happening on 3rd September for BOTH COLTS (HV6) AND MINIS (St Stephens). Distribution should also be (fingers crossed) much easier this year but we still need 3 to 4 volunteers per age group to assist with distribution for your age group. Specific details will be sent next week. If you can volunteer to assist please send an email to your head coach or reply to this email. 
New balls for all - Acuris, our balls sponsors, have very kindly ensured that each player can collect their own, shiny new ball on day 1 of the season. Thank you Acuris.  
Mouthguards - Each player can collect a free 'boil and bite' mouthguard on day one of the season. however, if you wish to get a custom made mouthguard made in advance please look at the link below. We have also invited Armory mouthguards to St Stephen's but they are not confirmed yet. 
Xblades boots -  Dan will be selling x-blades at St Stephen's on 3rd September however you can also order in advance and collect them on the day. 
Parents can reserve a max. of 2 pairs in advance. 
All Adult Boots: HKD$250 (RRP HKD$800-$1000); 
All Junior Boots: HKD$100 (RRP HKD$250-$500) 
All protective headgear: HKD$100 (RRP HKD$250-350); 
Contact Daniel: for more details
Recruitment and Open day - Get your child(ren) to start thinking about who they will bring to our Valley Fort recruitment day on 24th September. On the 24th we will have all Boys mini age groups at The Fort and ALL girls age groups at St Stephens. Further details to follow but get it in the diary and get the kids thinking about who they will bring.  
Finally - there is no parking at St Stephens. Also no pets, don't let your other kids wander off away from the pitch and it's still really hot so bring LOTS of water for the kids. 
If the kids do run out of water our food sponsor, 3 Blind Mice, will be selling water, hot and cold drinks, food, etc.
I'm bound to have missed something so look for an email next week which will have more info about kit distribution as well as probably repeating a lot of this info too....
Any questions or issues please do come back to me.
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