Posted: Wednesday, Jun 21, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort Rugby - Is your child playing rugby next season?? IF SO SIGN UP NOW!!

Good afternoon,

In this email:

  1. Registration and fitting at Escapade sports – again….
  2. Happy Wednesday races – HV, 21 June (tonight)
  3. Adam Rolston off to Mongolia to break the Guinness World Record for ‘The Longest hole’.


  1. Registration and Kit fitting

For fear of sounding like a (very) broken record you’ve only got 4 days to be size fitted for your son/daughter’s (coaches – your own) kit for the 2017/18 rugby season.

We’ve got 415 kids/colts (326 minis & 99 colts) registered to play with the club next season. Last year we had 768 players in the club (566 minis & 202 colts).

SO we’ve still got a lot of work to do by Sunday evening.

95 kids that have been measured for kit at Escapade, Repulse Bay HAVE NOT registered to play with the club yet – these players will NOT get their kit unless they register as a player by Sunday evening.


Please use this link. If you experience any difficulties please email Jessie Lam ( and she will help you out


                If you miss this deadline your child can still register to play with the club – but they will not receive kit until the 3rd week in September.


  1. Happy Wednesday racing at Happy Valley

If you want to go racing tonight at HV please use the scan code (attached) which will gain you FREE ENTRANCE this evening. The weather looks to be brightening up so you might be doubly lucky.


  1. Adam Rolston (Pro coach and Valley Player) off to Mongolia to break ‘The Longest Hole’ world record

Adam departs for Mongolia tomorrow. He is having a few departure drinks this evening at 3 Blind Mice (also attached). Address is 35 Ship Street, Wan Chai.


Long time Valley Fort coach and Valley scrumhalf, Adam Rolston, is swapping his boots for golf clubs this summer and embarking on a monumental charity expedition across Mongolia, and he need your help! As a member of the Valley Fort family, you can get directly involved in helping Adam and Ron's fundraising efforts to help raise US$100,000 for Laureus Sport for Good

To get an idea of what he (and his caddy) has planned, take a look at this promo video they filmed on their recent recce and planning trip to Mongolia - it's a pretty special 3 mins -

The charity part

At 1,850km, and par 14,000, Adam and Ron will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the Longest Hole ever played. On the 28th June Adam will tee off from the base camp of Khüiten Peak, Mongolia's highest and most western most point, and together with his caddie Ron, they will begin a completely unsupported and unaided easterly trek towards their final destination, the 18th green at Mt Bogd Club just outside Ulaanbaatar. The boys have given themselves 82 days to complete the challenge, meaning they'll need to cover about 24km/day, every day, to get to UB in time. Endorsed and supported by the European Tour, Adam will be playing the entire distance as one complete hole, and entirely within the laws and spirit of the game of golf, and thanks to some innovative technology, every shot will be recorded via GPS and relayed live to the expedition website.

You can help by buying one of the 400 golf balls Adam will be using on this adventure via the charity, Laureus Sport for Good - the recently appointed official charity of the HK7's. For a min recommended donation of US$50, you can own a piece of golfing history by buying one (or more) of the 400 balls that the boys expect to go through while completing the hole. You can choose the specific ball you want to own, and you'll be alerted the moment it is in play during the hole, and there are fantastic prizes to be won for those whose balls last the longest!! Please visit - 100% of all ball sales go directly to Laureus!

Enjoy your week and enjoy the upcoming 1st Lions vs. NZ test. COME ON THE LIONS!!




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