Posted: Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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**READ and ACTION – NEW process for VF Kit and Registration**


Dear Parents,

There is a bit of information in this email and it’s important that you read this long email. I’m sorry about this – I’ll do better in future about keeping down the length in future.

This year the club has changed the way that we order our players & coaches kit this year, and we also opening registration in the very near future.



It’s our aim to open registration as soon as possible. We are currently waiting for an update from our website hosts on a date. We will be sending that information to you in the coming days so please keep an eye out for this information and then register as early as you can please.


Club subscription:

Regular Hong Kong membership fee:

  •          U5, U6, U7 & U8 (all children): HK$2,500
  •          U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16, U19 (boys): HK$2,850
  •          U9, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19 (girls): HK$2,350
  •          Note: for new colts players, a reduced discretionary rate of $2,350 for this season only.

The Part Time Membership fee (all U5 - U19 children): HK$2,000 



We are adopting a process that has been tried and tested by Sai Kung Stingrays for the past two years. This process reduces waste and cost to the club and also makes kit collection day much easier. I will point out that in the first year that SKS ran this process around 65% of parents successfully adhered to this and their child had the right kit on day one – the other 35% had kids who were not happy as their kit arrived a number of weeks into the new season. Year 2 over 95% of returning players parents successfully adhered to the process and were much happier….


From Saturday 27th May until Sunday 25th June

  •          We ask that each player (and parent coach) visits Escapade Sports in Repulse Bay, and is measured using Kukri sample kit sizes. Kukri sizing is different to Canterbury and therefore please do not assume that your shirt size last year will equate to the correct shirt size for 2017/18 season.   
  •          Escapade will give you a copy of the form as proof of order.
  •          Minis – your child’s name will also be pre-printed on the rear of their shirt (inside and outside) so they can wear their new kit on day 1.
  •          Colts – you will be allocated a club number which will be your number of the season.   
  •          If you order your kit (AND PAY FOR REGISTRATION) between these times it means that on day one of the 2017/18 season   your child will collect their own pre-packed bag with their own size fitted shirt (with printed name), shorts & socks.


From Monday 26th June until 30th July

  •          For those who didn’t manage to get into Escapade from late May to late June (!) your order will be placed early August with kit being received third week September.


From 31st July until 17th September

  •          If you are so busy that you are not in HK until late July your order will be placed towards the end of September and kit arriving, hopefully, before the first Mini festival in November.



It’s common that new potential players arrive over the summer and want to be part of the Valley Fort set up. We aim to order a limited number of kits for NEW players to the club.



Please read the attached size guide and complete the attached order form. Then return to me directly.


**Please note that no order will be made until membership fees have been paid to the club (once we open the website)**


Any questions or issues please do come back to me.


With Best Regards




- Kukri Measurement Guide NEW

- Valley Fort Kit Fitting Guidelines

- VFRFC Kit Fitting Form v.2

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