Posted: Thursday, Mar 16, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Valley Fort End of Season Party Invitation - 'V' is for Valley Fort

Dear Valley Fort parents, 

This year we have done something very ‘un-Valley Fort’ and had the vision to send you the invite to our End of Season Party seven weeks in advance! The party is being held on Saturday 6th May 2017.

The format of this year’s event is ‘V’ is for Valley Fort – simply come as anything that begins with the letter V.

Jonathan Berney was trying incredibly hard to make it a ‘Vicars and Tarts’ party so we’ve met him halfway; Alexandra (his wife) is coming dressed as the vicar and she is making Jonathan come dressed as the Tart.

The venue is Mr & Mrs Fox in Quarry Bay; a delightful place owned and run by Swire Properties. As one of our sponsors they have been very welcoming and have offered the club an amazing deal; I’ve seen the menu and it looks to be a veritable array of canapés along with a buffet – enough to satisfy the voluminous needs of some of our less svelte members. There is also a vast selection of drinks at the open bar, from 7.30 – 11.30; the selection does not include vintage verve but does have prosecco instead!

If you haven’t got vertigo go up to the third floor and survey the views from the balcony or pump up the volume and dance to the vibes on the dance floor.  

I will have just put my mother onto a flight (back to England) so I’ll be propping up the bar, no doubt being a little vulgar; Ken Littlejohn will be dressed in his normal ‘classical Scotsman’ attire – so he is coming dressed as a vagrant. Simon Anam is currently a little vexed about what to wear but he will probably come as the world’s shortest viking. And let’s not forget Rich Collis, being a tad verbose,recounting his Top 10 U6 referee moments to all in earshot….

The ticket, or voucher if you will, is a steal at HK$1,000 per head. It’s going to be a great evening so get the date in your diaries, and if you’ve got a conflict send a cancelation note to the other people or get them to come along too. Be sure to purchase your tickets at The Fort or HV8 on 26 Mar, or at the Fort on 2nd & 23rd Apr.

All details are on the attached inVite. Reserve your tickets with Allison ( soonest before they all get vacuumed up!

Vive Le Valley Fort!!


See you there

Keir & the Organisation Committee

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