Posted: Thursday, Jan 05, 2017
Author: Olly Stratton
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Valley Fort Chairman's update - January 8

Valley Fort parents,

Happy New Year! I hope you and your kids all had a wonderful holiday whether
you were in Hong Kong or travelling overseas. Many thanks to all of you
whose kids participated in the Valley Fort Xmas Camp. To those parents
who've just registered, welcome to Valley Fort and I look forward to meeting
you over the next few months.

We're off to a quick start to the year with training starting this evening
for the colts (regular Thursday time of 6.15 to 7.45) at HV8 and on Sunday
January 8 for the minis at Stanley Fort (U5 through U10, U10/U12 girls) and
St Stephens(U11/U12). Details below. I attach the minis training schedule
for the 2nd half of the season and the great news is that we appear to have
both St. Stephen's and Stanley Fort every training weekend through to the
end of April. Fingers crossed.... The last weekend of training will be April
30. Also a heads up that the first festival of 2017- the Tai Po Festival -
will be held on Sunday, January 15 at King's Park for U6 through U11 age
groups. U12 and U12 girls will have their own tournaments at HV8.Details

Please note that there is no HKIS training for U9 through U12 this Friday.
Friday night training will start on January 13.

Minis training schedule for Sunday, January 8

*         At Stanley Fort. Please remember to plan for delays in entering
the Fort as there will be a security check. Also, it is critical that you
obey any directions from the PLA soldiers. They may have some strange ideas
about how they want you to park, but they do have guns! While you're at the
Fort, go visit the Clubhouse where Chez Patrick will be serving coffee,
pastries and more. Jessie will have all our latest merchandise which is well
worth checking out.

o   9.45 to 11.30: U9, U10, U10 girls, U12 girls

o   10.00 to 11.30: U7, U8

o   10.15 to 11.30: U5, U6

*         At St. Stephen's. Don't forget that there is no parking at St.

o   9.00 to 10.30: U11

o   10.30 to 12.00: U12

Don't forget to bring mouth guards, plenty of water, sunscreen and plenty of

Tai Po Festival on Sunday, January 15

The Flying Kukris Contact Festival will be held on Sunday, Jan 15 at King's
Park. Details of individual schedules will be circulated by head coaches and
will be uploaded to the HKMRFU App, but for forward planning purposes you
can expect the following timing:

*         U6 - 8.30 to 11.00 on pitch 2

*         U7 - 8.30 to 11.00 on pitch 1

*         U8 - 12.45 to 5.45 on pitch 3

*         U9 - 8.30 to 12.45 on pitch 3

*         U10 - 11.15 to 5.30 on pitch 2

*         U10 girls - 2.00 to 5.30 on pitch 2

*         U11 - 11.15 to 6.00 on pitch 1

Valley Fort will provide a bus service from the south side.

Welcome back and have a great weekend of rugby,


Oliver Stratton

Chairman, Valley Fort RFC


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