Posted: Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017
Author: Keir Macintosh
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Good morning all,


I hope that you are having a good week so far.


Please read now:

  1. Kukri Distribution & Kit,
  2. Training,
  3. VF Recruitment day (24th September).


Can read later – but still read!:

  1. Player Health and Concussion Management,
  2. XBlades boots,
  3. Charity Collection,
  4. Happy Valley Races,
  5. Valley Street party.


  1. Kukri Distribution & Kit:

Distribution - I hope that you felt that kit distribution was much simpler this year. I owe a MASSIVE thanks to the extremely efficient volunteers who helped out. I’m also aware that we probably owe them a glass of bubbles at some point! I know a lot of Dads are coaching on Sunday but there was only one male parent volunteer helping with distribution. Fellas, can we get a little better at this next time please.

Kit - I think that you will all have noticed that the mini reversible jerseys & the coaching jerseys (only male I think) are on the ‘roomy’ side. I’ve been investigating this with Kukri. They have given me some information but the picture is still not complete. This only affects Mini jerseys and male coaches tops. Mini shorts and socks as well as Colts (all) and Female Coaches are unaffected.

Can I ask that you give me a little time to work with Kukri on this. 


     2.  Training:


U16 & U19 start their league games this Sunday afternoon at HV6. Fred and Scott have the times.

U13, U14 & U14G are training at HV6 this weekend. Times are slightly amended from last week so please look to your Head Coach’s email for guidance. 


U5, U6, U7, U8=08.30-9.45;


U11, U12=10.30-12.00;

Please ensure that your child is well hydrated BEFORE coming to training and remember to ensure that they take in a lot of water AFTER TRAINING too. 


       3. Valley Fort recruitment day, Sunday 24th September

We need more playersat all age groups(boys and girls). All Mini Girls will be at St Stephens on the morning of 24thSept and all Mini Boys will be at the Fort the same morning. Further details to follow but please communicate to your children to bring a friend for a trial.


      4. Player Health & Concussion Management:

Lucy Clarke, HKRU Head of Player Welfare and Medical, gave a great talk about medical coverage and procedures last night. There was a wealth of information to take in but one to note is a great video about Concussion Management. I strongly recommend that you watch it and maybe show to your kids as it affects all sports.


      5. X-Blades boots.

Those who are still awaiting boot orders please contact Dan directly to arrange collection/delivery. 


      6. Charity Kit collection.

Let’s pause on this until we know what the situation is with Kukri and the sizing concerns. I’ll let you know in a further email when we will take charity collection of old kit.


      7. Happy Valley Races.

Being part of the ‘Valley family’ means that you get free entry into Happy Valley Wednesday races. Please see the attached QR code to redeem free entry at the gate and also get a free beer. It’s the senior club kit collection night tomorrow so there will be a strong Valley turnout.    


      8. Valley Street Party.

This is one for the parents only! It’s a fun night to mix with the broader club. Please see the flyer attached.


Have a great week ahead and I hope to see you at some point over the weekend.


All the best


VF Chairman





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