A game for all and a fellowship for life
Contested safely and fairly, with team work and club spirit

We welcome all children (girls and boys)  from all corners of Hong Kong to enjoy the spirit and learn the principles of rugby in a respectful, fun and safe environment, preparing them for a lifetime of enjoyment as players, team mates, competitors, spectators, and later in their life, as parents or coaches perpetuating the traditions of rugby.

We aim to ensure that new players gain confidence and increase their contribution to the team.

We encourage all players to excel and lead by example on and off the field in the fairest and truest spirit of the game.

We ask players, parents and coaches to show sportsmanship, a competitive but fair attitude and an honest dedication to the Union’s code of conduct and to the club colours. (Cf. Players, Parents and Coaches Codes).

Each age groups aims to build and gather skills that progress towards the full game and to improve both individual skills and team-work in accordance with the HKRFU guidelines .

All our coaches are volunteers who share the love of the game and who work enthusiastically to reach those goals. During the season, we welcome parents feedback and participation in all forms. We wish to foster a strong collaboration between Parents, Players and Coaches.