Q: Do you have Girls Rugby?

A: Absolutely, we have girls teams from U5 to U12 and we are making a drive to recruit Girls to join in the Valley Fort Colts program aged 13 and over. 

 Currently Valley Fort Girls Colts are not big enough in nos. and jointly train with HKU Sandy Bay on a Sunday morning from 1000-1200 hrs. We would like any of the older sisters or friends of boys mini and Colts rugby to come and join the program. Once nos. get to a critical mass we can then form as a single Valley Fort entity.

 The idea is for all those who would like to play to register on the Valley Fort website as per normal and to draw your kit as a Valley Fort player. We have an excellent working relationship with the senior HKU Sandy Bay coaches and managers and the idea of both clubs is to train together until we can play against each other (which is the ultimate goal). HKU Sandy Bay have strong nos. at U14s less so at U16s and U19s. Valley RFC senior coaches are also at the Girls Colts disposal and will be able to provide coaching excellence together with Adam and Mike (two first class players currently with Kowloon RFC). Those registered with Valley Fort will of course be managed and represented by Valley Fort. Both clubs are keen to ensure they are responsible for adding another 2 competitive teams for Football Club and others to play against. 

 While we will have strength in nos. with our mini girls eventually coming through to Colts it would be good to have some depth to the current Girls Colts squads.If you would like further information then please feel free to drop Hugh Garway a line on hgarwayt@gmail.com or call him on 98666717.


Q: If it rains, is there still practice.
A: Yes. Training and festivals are only cancelled if a) Typhoon signal 3 or above  is hoisted, b) Red or black rain storm warning, c) Thunderstorm warnings

Q: I want to get involved with the club. How do I do it?
A: Contact the Chairman or one of the head-coaches

Q: At what age does contact rugby start
A: Under 9s

Q: Do you stream players? Or create teams of equal ability?
A: Valley Fort creates teams of equal ability in the U5 to U8 levels. At U9, coaches will start to tier players and at U10, streaming of teams starts in earnest.

Q: My child is very small for his age, can he play in a younger age group?
A: The process of “playing down” is extremely cumbersome and needs to be medically justified. Being small doesn’t quite cut it. Decisions on any individual case rests with the HKRFU whose word is final.

Q: Where do my dues go?
A: The dues serve to a) purchase equipment, including the children’s uniform, b) pay for professional coaches who coach the Colts and coach our volunteer parent coaches, c) HKRFU Coaching and Referring classes for our volunteers, d) subsidizing of year-end club dinner, tournament buses, etc… e) Insurance, f) other incidentals (first aid kits, maintenance of grounds…).  Club accounts are audited every year (pro-bono) by KPMG and available on request from David Hurren, our Treasurer.