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Head Coach:

Simon Anam
Mobile: 9301 8225




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Message from the Coach:

Posted on 15 Mar 2018

HK Football Club Festival - U10s - please read and keep

Dear U10 Parents,

Details for Sunday’s HKFC festival.


  • Our games are being played on Happy Valley Pitch 1.
  • Access via Wong Nai Chung Road tunnel (where the taxi stand and toilets are) OR via the Jocket Club Museum entrance. DO NOT enter via the Football Club main entrance.
  • Maps and more info in the attached program
  • Arrive 30 mins before the first game.


Teams and Coaches:

  • We have 5 teams but are 11 players short this weekend, so some doubling up will need to be done
  • VF3 and VF5 will need to help each other out.  Coaches are Olivier, Antoine and William.
  • VF4 will need to help out VF1 and VF2, esp VF2 who only have a squad of 9. VF4 coaches are Myles and Sam.
  • VF1 coaches – Nic T, Luke and Steve G
  • VF2 coaches – me, Rob K
  • Jeff M, Vern and Serge will float between their kids, all teams and be responsible for finding subs!!
  • Team lists at the bottom of this email.


Game Times:

  • Use the App
  • Pasted below also


Any questions, please let me know.



Encl: HKFC Festival

          HKFC Minirugby_Final


Posted on 9 Mar 2018

VF U10 notices

Dear U10 Parents,

Some quick notices for the coming days:

  • Friday training at HKIS is ON. From 6.30-8pm
  • Sunday training at St Stephens – NEW TIME SLOT – 11.15 to 12.30
  • HKFC Festival on Sunday 18th March – teams to be announced next week. Game times for both streams are between 1pm and 5.30pm.
  • Sevens showcase games. To be held on Saturday 7th of April.  Our games start from 7.15am.

We had a fantastic tour to Japan last weekend, which I am sure you will hear about. Some big, well organized teams who gave us plenty of food for thought about where we can improve as players and coaches.

Finally, the 6 Nations clip for the week: that pass!



Posted on 1 Mar 2018

VF U10s

Dear all,

For those not going to Osaka, there is still plenty of rugby on this weekend.

  • FRIDAY – HKIS training is ON. From 6.30.
  • SUNDAY – at the Fort from 9.45. I have been assured the registration issues have been fixed. Don’t forget your HKID card.



  • Please refer to Keir’s “Itinerary” email from last night for the plan and lots of useful info.
  • Bring this year’s kit, plus last year’s just in case. It will be relatively cold, so feel free to bring skins, hoodies, etc.  And don’t forget mouthguards.
  • I’ve been told that Japan has strict rules on bringing prescription drugs into the country.
  • Last night’s training session has thrown up some healthy discussion amongst the coaches about team selection, and so I won’t be announcing the final line ups until Friday.
  • Does anyone want to volunteer to start a whatapp group? There are 32 people coming, and I don’t have the time to sort it out.

Best, S


Posted on 8 Feb 2018

Dear U10 Parents,

  • Friday training, 9th Feb  - cancelled due to flu schools shut down.
  • Sunday 11th Feb at the FORT. I won’t be there, as I suspect many may not be, but we will be splitting into Osaka teams. We only have 2 sessions, so no whinging please.
  • Sunday 18th Feb – no training for CNY
  • Sunday 25th Feb – at the Fort. I’ll be around.
  • Sunday 4th March – Osaka for the tourists; training at the Fort for everyone else.


Finally, see the attached for details of Valley Club day this Saturday. Head down and support the lads (including our Leeroy, who was at KP on Sunday supporting the boys!!) if you’re in HK.

Valley Prems playing against HKFC at HV6. This game is to decide 2nd and 3rd spot in the table behind Tigers in 1st.  Valley are laying on free Pilsner for the parents and few hot dogs for kids. The club also have some small presentations to our sponsors around 4:30pm.


Try of the first round of the Six Nations? Got to be this one


Any questions, pl shout.



Posted on 1 Feb 2018

VF U10s this weekend

Dear U10 Parents,

Details for this weekend:

  • Friday training at HKIS from 6.30. I think numbers will be low again, but please send the boys along if only to get their hands on a ball before Sunday.
  • Sunday: Tai Po Festival – held at King’s Park Kowloon
  • Game times below, but use the app.
  • Teams below – please READ AND CHECK as there have been some changes.
  • If your son is missing from the list or cannot play, let me know asap.
  • VF4 and VF5 – numbers are low, so some boys may be asked to play in both teams. Only one game conflicts (16.20) for which we will just have to be awesome.  Can 2 or 3 VF4 stay late? Or any A stream boys who want extra games?
  • Head Coaches for the day
    • VF1 – Steve Glynn
    • VF 2 – me
    • VF3 – Rob K
    • VF4 – Olivier
    • VF5 – Dimitri

Final reminder to do the Sevens showcase survey here    (only the 3rd time I’ve sent it, JF…)

Next year, we’re using Teamer and I’m hiring a secretary.






Posted on 28 Jan 2018


Dear U10 Parents,

  • Sevens Showcase. Please fill out the survey hereif you would like your child to play this year.
  • Training tomorrow from 9.45am at the Fort.
  • Next Sunday (4th Feb) – Tai Po Festival at KINGS PARK. Details to follow.


Finally, two rugby clips to show the boys:


See you tomorrow.




Posted on 18 Jan 2018

VF U10s

Dear U10 Parents,

I hope you enjoyed the festival last weekend. Thank you to all the parents that helped before, throughout and afterwards. We cannot do these things without volunteers, so it’s a huge help. 

I’ve got a few items to cover, most importantly a request to fill out a survey.

  1. Friday training – HKIS from 6.30. I’ll be there.
  2. Sunday training – St Stephens college, 10.15 meet, on the pitch at 10.30. I am traveling, so look out for Rob K and Leeroy.
  3. Sevens Showcase. For those of you who are new to the club, the boys have a chance to play ONE game at the HK Sevens. It’s an early start, but the kids love it. It is vital that I know if your child can play or not, so I can submit a request for how many teams to field. Please note you must have a ticket.


  1. Osaka. We have 30 kids coming. Amazing, thank you all for your enthusiasm and support for the club.

Any questions, please let me know.







Posted on 11 Jan 2018

Details for Sunday - read and keep

Dear U10 Parents,

  1. Teams – see below
  2. Coaches
    • VF1 – Luke and I
    • VF2 – Rob K and Rob S
    • VF3 – Jeff and Philip
    • VF4 – Olivier and William
    • VF5 - Dimitri
  3. Games times – see below. Please arrive at least 25 mins before the first game.
  4. Use the App – App Store, Google Play. It’s v useful.
  5. Read the program – (please, it’s been the bane of my life for a week!) “Click here for Program”
  6. No parking at all. Park at Cyberport and take the mini bus. Factor in 20 mins. Have a kid in kit at the schroff to get free parking.
  7. Volunteers –
    • Saturday 6.30pm til 9ish at Stanley Ho. Lots to do. You can help me with banners, flags and maps.
    • Sunday – I need a good handful of people to help at 7.30am on Sunday. We need to put up our pitch flags and help with the vendor stalls. Makes sense for VF4 and VF5 parents to do so.
    • Sunday – from 6pm we need as many people as we can to help tidy up. VF1/2/3 parents, please stick around.
  8. Pitch Marshals, timekeepers–
    • I still need to organize your shifts, will do so tomorrow.
    • Below is my Dream Team. Thank you, guys. I can always do with more help.

This is my second favourite weekend of the year (after the Tour), so I hope you all manage to come down, stick around and enjoy the day.




Posted on 7 Jan 2018

Teams for VF Festival

Cracking day at the Fort today, good to blow off the cobwebs.

Next Sunday is our festival at Stanley Ho Sports Ground. The game times are below. B stream in the  morning, A in the afternoon.

Teams are listed below also. If your son CANNOT play, then pl let me know asap. No need to email if he’s available.




Posted on 5 Jan 2018

VF U10s

Dear U10 Parents,

I hope you all had a good break over Christmas and New Year. The rugby is back this SUNDAY (no Friday training today) from 9.45 at the Fort.

We need to get ourselves ready for the festival the following Sunday, so please arrive on time so the coaches can get the boys into their new teams.

We currently have 28 signups for Osaka (7 more than the U8s) but it would be good to put some more daylight between us and the other teams! If you’re new to the club, the VF Tours are simply immense. Great for the kids on and off the field, and a fun experience for mums and dads alike. Japan is a new experience this year, but a few of us have been working on the plans and it’s shaping up brilliantly. Competitive games at a great venue in the next WC host country. If you’ve got kids in U6 or U7, even better.

Also, remember to buy your allocated Sevens tickets via Ticketflap by today.

Ok, enough with the sales job, see you on Sunday.

Best, S


Posted on 8 Dec 2017

VF U10s

Dear U10 Parents,

V quick update from me.

  • Friday training tonight from 6.30. Ruan, Kempy and the boys will be running some drill stations.
  • Sunday – training at 9.45 at the Fort.
  • Following Sunday (17th) – Kukris Festival – details to follow, but all games 9 til 12.


Best, S


Posted on 30 Nov 2017

VF U10s Notices

Dear U10 Parents

Some notices for the coming days/weeks.

  1. No training this Friday.
  2. Sunday training at the Fort – 9.45 to 11.30.  Remember to bring an ID card
  3. Friday 8th – skills training at HKIS at 6.30
  4. Sunday 10th is training as NORMAL at the Fort.  (Ignore any Kukris festival references on this day. That is for non-contact age groups, plus VF not invited anyway).
  5. Sunday 17th is Flying Kukris CONTACT Festival.
  • This is at the EduHK sports centre, Pak Shak Kok
  • The club will be putting on buses.
  • Games will run 9am – noon.
  • If your son CANNOT make this, and you haven’t told me yet, please do so. We are putting in fewer teams as I suspect a few people will have left HK for their Xmas break.

    6. Valley Academy Camps – 18/19 Dec and 4/5 Jan. Run by the pros. See attachments

   7.  VF Festival on 14th Jan. I need loads of volunteers – pitch marshals, set up and tidy, info   points, sponsor liaison.  PLEASE put your hand up.

    8. Teams. I’m re-jigging the teams for Kukris, and will probably keep those splits through January festivals. Boys will move up and down the streams, as I’ve got a clearer view on individual abilities and team requirements now. Putting egos to one side, it’s about ensuring the boys are safe and having fun. Also, having coached VF5 on Sunday, it’s clear that the B stream is pretty competitive, especially where local clubs have 2 or 3 star players who can punish us. So we need a few similarly able boys to balance things out.

     9. Refereeing. We need a few more parents to step up and help with refereeing. Rather than just ask the coaches, I’d like to put it to the wider parent group. We only have 4 regular refs, and 2 of those coach other age groups. Ideally I would like the “Assistant” coaches or dads with some rugby knowledge to help out. Don’t be shy, we will get your trained up.


See you on the weekend.






Posted on 25 Nov 2017

VF U10s - READ AND KEEP - Sandy Bay Festival this Sunday

Dear U10 Parents,

No training this weekend, but rather the Sandy Bay (HKU) Festival at the Stanley Ho Sports Ground in Pokfulam. READ AND KEEP.


  1. Where?
    • Map here
    • We are playing all our games on the grass in front of the main stand.
  2. How to get there?
    • No parking at the sports ground or along the road side. The coppers will give you a ticket.
    • Free parking at Cyberport, and then hop on a free shuttle bus from outside the cinema to the ground. Give yourself 30 mins extra.
    • Taxi drop offs are easy, but the way back is more hectic.
  3. Teams – same as Tigerfest pretty much. See below.
  4. Times –
    • Arrive 30 mins before the first game.
    • See below, but also make sure you use the app
  5. Coaches
    • VF1 – moi
    • VF2 – Rob S
    • VF3 – Rob K
    • VF4 – Dimitri
    • VF5 – me again
  6. Final thoughts – theme of this festival is integrity, so please let’s ensure the whole club operates to a high standard of honesty and fair play. Whilst winning. (I’m joking, Mrs. A, I know it’s about having fun, etc…)

See you on Sunday.


Posted on 17 Nov 2017

U10s Rugby this weekend

Dear U10 Parents,

Very quickly, as I need to get back to the day job:

NO Friday training tonight. HKIS pitch being used.

Training on Sunday at St Stephens. 10.15 warm up; 10.30 on the pitch, 11.30 finish. Good luck to the boys at Team FEAR. I am traveling, so Rob K will be running the session.

Sunday 26th – Sandy Bay tournament.  Match times below, teams exactly the same as the last tournament.

Have a good few days.

Best, S


Time                                                 Ref        Pitch

10:59    VF1        vs           DBP1     HKMRFU             Pitch 3B

11:38    VF1        vs           CEN       HKMRFU             Pitch 3A

12:30    VF1        vs           FC3        HKMRFU             Pitch 3A

13:35    VF1        vs           SKS2      HKMRFU             Pitch 3B


10:46    VF2        vs           HKU1    HKMRFU             Pitch 3A

11:25    VF2        vs           USRC1   HKMRFU             Pitch 3B

12:04    VF2        vs           FC1        HKMRFU             Pitch 3C

12:43    VF2        vs           SCAA1   HKMRFU             Pitch 3A


10:59    VF3        vs           SKS1      HKMRFU             Pitch 3C

11:38    VF3        vs           FC2        HKMRFU             Pitch 3B

12:04    VF3        vs           HKU2    HKMRFU             Pitch 3B

12:30    VF3        vs           TRC1     HKMRFU             Pitch 3B


15:06    VF4        vs           MB        HKMRFU             Pitch 3A

15:32    VF4        vs           TP          HKMRFU             Pitch 3B

16:11    VF4        vs           FC6        HKMRFU             Pitch 3C

16:37    VF4        vs           MKY      HKMRFU             Pitch 3C


14:27    VF5        vs           THT1     HKMRFU             Pitch 3B

15:06    VF5        vs           ABN/HKE/TMS  HKMRFU             Pitch 3B

16:11    VF5        vs           TWR      HKMRFU             Pitch 3A

16:50    VF5        vs           FC4        HKMRFU             Pitch 3A


Posted on 9 Nov 2017

U10s this weekend - NEW INFO, please read

Dear U10 Parents,

Well done to the boys for an excellent first festival. Plenty to work on, as there should be, but also huge positives in terms of enthusiasm and bravery.

Some new arrangements for this weekend, take note:

  1. Friday training 10th Nov
    • At HKIS from 6.30 – 8pm.
    • Skills training, then a quick game
    • Bring your mouthguard and water
    • Refer to Keir’s email yesterday for bus times.
  2. Sunday training new times
    • St Stephens
    • 10.15 meet for the warm up on the track
    • 10.30-11.30 on the pitch
    • The new timings mean we have plenty of space now, and we will be able to spread out and test our passing skills.
    • We will be keeping the same teams as Tigerfest for the next few training sessions and the Sandy Bay tournament. A chance to find a bit of cohesion and right a few wrongs.

Any questions, pl let me know.




Posted on 2 Nov 2017

U10s this weekend

Dear U10 Parents

A reminder of the details for this Sunday below – teams (with Ben added!), times, travel.

Also, please read the note from the HK Minis Chairman about this weekend’s festival:

Respect. Fittingly, Tigers have chosen “Respect” as their rugby value to promote at their festival. We expect all coaches, parents and kids to treat members of the rugby community with respect. Specifically respect the opposition team (and applaud their successes) and do not argue with or shout at referees. If coaches have questions or comments they should deal with it appropriately after the game. Spectators should stand back from the side of the pitch and focus on positive encouragement of their team. I hope this is clear…

Sometimes easy to forget that an exasperated comment from the sideline to a decision made by the referee, or berating your own child for a missed tackle is precisely the sort of disrespect being talked about above.  Even my own wife has told me to stop being rude about other clubs in jest, and she’s right. Let’s raise the bar.

See you on Sunday.



Posted on 30 Oct 2017

U10s this weekend

Dear U10 Parents,

This Sunday is the Tigerfest at King’s Park, Kowloon. Please read and keep this email.

  1. Teams
    • PLEASE REFER TO THE TABLE BELOW to see which team your son is playing for.
    • Head coaches for Sunday:
      • i.    VF1 – Simon Anam
      • ii.    VF2 – Rob Stewart
      • iii.    VF3 – Rob Klavins
      • iv.    VF4 – Dimitri Prot
      • v.    VF5 – William Furniss
    • Any problems re attendance on the day, pl contact your boy’s HC.
    • Please arrive 40 mins before the first game so we can get the boys organized. We have missed a lot of rugby due to T8s and holidays, so this is important.
    • If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know asap – and sorry!
  2. Match times
    • Table below and on the App
  3. How to get there
    • Google map here
    • Nearest MTR is Jordan, then a 10 min walk
    • If you’re getting a cab, please be dropped off on Wylie Road – do NOT drive up Wylie Path
    • No parking available.
    • Keir will send details of early buses that the club will be putting on from the Southside. These will NOT run all morning, and there will be NO return buses whatsoever.
  4. The App

I can’t wait, see you on Sunday.

Best, S


Posted on 28 Oct 2017


1.     Training this Sunday is at the Fort.

·         From 09.45 to 11.30

·         I am away, so Rob Klavins will be doing the shouting once again.

·         Please say hello to our new pro coach, Grant Kemp (a.k.a. Kempy), who is a hugely experienced front rower. Highlights reel here!!!

2.     Kit delivery/distribution

·         I understand there may still have been some issues, so apologies.

·         But remember the first rules of U5 rugby: no crying, no whinging, and no arguing with the coaches! In this instance, Anna K!!

·         For the Mini CONTACT (U9 - U12) age groups, the remake of Batch 1 are the best fit so please collect those tops. Remember this fit is supposed to be a tighter as the kids play contact – but not rib cracking tight…

  1. TigerFest – 5th Nov.
  2. More details on this now, but final teams won’t be done until I’ve conferred with Rob next week.
  3. 3 x A teams play between roughly 11am-2pm; 2 x B teams play 1-3.30pm or 4-5.30pm. I will get you your times as soon as I can – no lobbying, please.
  4. This is the first festival of the season, and will be held at King’s Park in Kowloon.
  5. Boys will play 4 games of 10 mins against clubs from across HK.
  6. All boys are eligible
  7. If you already know that your boy CANNOT make it, then email me so I can balance the teams.

See you at the festival.



Posted on 20 Oct 2017


1.     Training this Sunday is at the Fort.

·         From 09.45 to 11.30

·         I am away, so Rob Klavins will be doing the shouting.

2.     Kit delivery/distribution

·         This Sunday you will be able to SWAP the ill-sized jerseys for new ones.

·         If a parent doesn’t hand back an old Kukri jersey then we will not issue a new one

·         Thank you to Kristo’s mum Anna for volunteering to help!

  1. TigerFest – 5th Nov.
  2. This is the first festival of the season, and will be held at King’s Park in Kowloon.
  3. Typically 3 or 4 games of 15 mins against clubs from across HK.
  4. All boys are eligible
  5. We will field 3 A teams and 2 B teams, with 10 on the pitch. Teams in each category will be even.
  6. If you already know that your boy CANNOT make it, then email me so I can balance the teams.
  7. DRAFT timings are:
    • U6 & U7 – 8.15/8.30 start. Due to finish between 10.30 and 11am
    • U8 – Start at 1pm
    • U9 – 8.15/8.30 start. Due to finish around 12pm.
    • U10 – Start at 1pm.
    • U9G/U10G – 10.30 start. 45 mins joint training then U9 and U10 split and play 7-a-side games. 1pm finish.
    • U11 – Playing all day but teams will only be there for blocks of time (not the whole day).   
  8. Upcoming Mini festival dates:

·         Sun 5th Nov – Tigers festival @KP – with the theme of Respect.

·         Sun 26th Nov – HKUSB festival @Sandy Bay – theme TBC.

·         Sun 10th Dec - FK Non-Contact Festival (Local clubs at U6-U8s only @EDUHK in the afternoon.

·         Sun 10th Dec - FK Richard Hawkes & Kim Lam competition @KP afternoon.

·         Sun 17th Dec - FK Contact U9-U11 @EDUHK on 2 pitches.

·         Sun 14th Jan – VF festival @ Sandy Bay

·         Sun 4th Feb – Tai Po festival @KP

·         Sun 18th Mar – HKFC festival @ HKFC & HV

See you in a few weeks,



Posted on 15 Oct 2017

U10 training cancelled

Dear U10 Parents,

  • Today’s training has been CANCELLED due to the T8 being hoisted at 9am.
  • A reminder of our weather policy is here

This is more than a little disappointing given that we have 2 “half term” weekends coming up when many boys will be away, followed immediately by the first festival on the 5th .

I will not be here for the next two sessions, but will send details of which coaches will be running the sessions.

In the meantime, please remind the boys about:

So enjoy the morning off, and see you in a few weeks’ time.

Best, S


Posted on 10 Oct 2017

U10s this weekend

Dear U10 Parents,

We are back at ST STEPHENS this Sunday from 9.30.

  • Meet on the running track at 9.30 for the warm up.
  • Mouth guards, water and sunscreen


Any questions, please let me know.




osted on 29 Sept 2017

U10s this weekend

Dear U10 Parents,

No training this weekend. Enjoy the lie in.

But some homework for the boys.

Henry Slade setting up 2 tries (4th and the 5th on the clip) – one with a long pass to the wing (please show Zadig!), and the other by drawing his man and having 2 hands on the ball. And he’s “only” 87kg.

Best, S


Posted on 22 Sept 2017

U10s this weekend

Dear U10 Parents,

A reminder that training for U10s this Sunday is at Stanley Fort from 9.45. 

You enter the Fort at the end of Wong Ma Kok Road. 

You must bring your Hkid card to be allowed through the gates. Please be patient and polite with soldiers as we rely on the PLA to use the pitches. There is plenty of parking but allow time to get through the checkpoint. Taxis can drop you off close to the pitch. Buses are a bit more of a schlep as you will be dropped off at the gates and have a 10 min walk.  U10s will be training near the “Club House”. 

Please arrive on time for the warm up, bring plenty of water and mouth guards.  Also bring any friends along for the Open Day. (Boys at the Fort, Girls at St Stephens). 


Other items:

  • Names on jerseys. Write these on if you don’t have them printed. First names preferably. 
  • Player of the week trophies. Please bring these back after a week. 
  • Important dates. See below for a list of festivals etc.  I had a very keen but sensible dad wanting to plan the family holidays around rugby festivals. Gold star. 
  • Streaming. It is important at full contact that we stream the boys by ability or size. Please bear with us while we organise the boys into the right groups. There will be movement between teams and streaming levels all season, esp as the boys develop their skills and grow. If you’ve got any issues please let me know and I will explain my thinking. For the first festival we have applied for 4 A teams and 1 B. All A teams will be evenly balanced. 
  •  Positions. I am reticent to pigeonhole any boy at the age of 9, but have applied a basic Forward/Back split. Your child will play in a number of different positions within that split. If they are deeply unhappy about where they are played, let me know. 





  • Sunday 5th November 2017 – USRC Tigers Festival – first of the HK festivals. Festivals are when we play against other clubs from across HK territories. Usually 3 or 4 x 10 minute games. This one is at King’s Park in Kowloon. They’re great fun, and you can spend 2-3 hours there, there’s food and drinks, bouncy castles, etc.
  • Friday 10th November 2017 – First Friday Evening Training (6:30pm to 8pm @ HKIS).
  • Sunday 26th November 2017 – HKU / Sandy Bay Festival – on HK island – Stanley Ho Sports Centre in Pokfulam
  • Sunday 10th December 2017 – Flying Kukris Festival – king’s Park, Kowloon
  • Sunday 21st January 2018 – Tai Po Festival – (not sure where this is!)
  • Sunday 14th Jan 2018 – Valley Fort Festival – Stanley Ho Sports Centre in Pokfulam. This one is MUST as we organise this one. 
  • 2nd – 4th March 2018 – KL Saracens Intl 10’s Tour – we take about 20-30 boys to KL on Tour. Not sure how many teams we will get. Watch this space. Do not book any flights yet. 
  • Sunday 11th March 2018 – HKFC Festival – Happy Valley
  • 6th – 8th April 2018 – Hong Kong Sevens – there is usually an exhibition game for our boys. So they get to play in a 35,000 seater stadium. It’s not full at the times we play, but it’s a great experience. If you’re new to HK you should stick around for the weekend if possible. The Sevens is a HK institution and great fun. Fancy dress costumes, beers and rugby.


Posted on 16 Sept 2017

Dear U10 Parents,


  1. Training tomorrow at St Stephens from 9.30. Pl remember mouthguards and water.
  2. Kit – please read the email below from Keir if you’ve not done so already. We realise there have been issues with sizing, and are trying to remedy things.
  3. Nonetheless, thank you to everyone who helped with distribution on Sunday: Anna Klavins, Janet Zommerman and Katja Anam. If there were more of you, thank you!
  4. Open days on the 24th at St Stephens (girls) and the Fort (boys). Please see what you can do.


Any questions, pl let me know.




From: Valley Fort [
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2017 5:00 PM
Subject: VF Mini Kit Update, Armory mouthguards for Colts and VF open day


Good afternoon & Happy Friday to you all,

Kukri Mini playing kit: You’ve probably seen that the Mini’s shirts are ‘roomy’ for some or can be used as kites for others. Long story short Kukri have experienced some internal issues which has affected our order and we’ve got the wrong mini shirt sizes.  

The solution is that Kukri are remaking ALL mini shirts from Batch 1. These will be ready mid-October. Here is what we need people to do:

1.If your child can play in this year’s shirt even though it’s a little baggy – please do so. You’ll still get a better fitted shirt in October.

2.If your child cannot fit into their top bring your child to the exchange tent on Sunday morning. We will try to give them a better size (unnamed) shirt. * Note, we have about 50 extra shirts.

3.If your child is new to rugby and doesn’t have kit yet – we will try to accommodate and get them into Valley Fort colors.

4.If your child was one of the three kids (out of 650) whose name was spelt incorrectly on their shirt we will try to give you an unnamed shirt to replace – but you will get a properly named shirt in October.

5.If your child cannot fit into their top at all – get them to wear their shirt from last year for now.


Batch 2 & 3 orders are not affected:


Kukri shirt re-collection: Once we get the Kukri re-order we will require you to hand back ALL VF Kukri Mini shirts. These will donated to charities we are linked with in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Cambodia. These items will not become landfill.


Charity collection of kit and boots: We will be taking charity collection of old sports kit (any kids sports clothing & boots) at the Fort and St Stephens on Sunday 24th.


Armory mouthguards for Colts: Armory will be at HV6 this Sunday (and hopefully 24th Sept for U16s). The Armory mouthguards are a decent product so I’d recommend that you take advantage of this offer.


VF Open days: Please see attached the two flyers (one for Boys location and one for Girls location) for our Open day on 24th September.


You’ve already had the email re training times, etc. so see you over the weekend.




VF Chairman




Posted on 9 Sept 2017

VF U10s

Dear all,

Training at St Stephens once again this Sunday:

  • Be ready at 9.30 on the running track for the warm up.
  • Mouthguards are a must this weekend. if you don’t have one for your child, pop into Escapade for a cheap/spare one, and then talk to the Armoury Mouthguards people on Sunday about getting good fitted one from your dentist.
  • Water, cleated shoes, sunscreen.
  • Kit will be handed out this Sunday – see details and instructions from Keir below.

Recruitment/Open Day has been moved to the FORT on Sunday 24th September for boys, and at St Stephens for girls. It will coincide with our normal training. Start thinking about who you and the boys can invite. We NEED big numbers to maintain good and competitive team sizes as the kids grow up/leave HK, and to afford the level of pro coaching we enjoy throughout the club. It’s worth getting the boys to bring along ONE FRIEND EACH to training, as well as convince girls and boys of all ages (>4) to come along.  Please make the effort to convince parents who don’t know the sport too.

See you on Sunday




Subject: VF Training, Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th Sept

Good afternoon,

Apologies for the lateness of this week’s email, I needed some info to come back to me before I could send this out. I’ll try to send earlier in the week from now on.

1. Player Welfare Evening – See the attached invitation. It’s open to all parents, coaches and all interested parties. It’s an incredibly important subject so please attend if you can/want.

2. Kit – Attached are the new jerseys, the color is the same as the Valley seniors. The Mini’s jerseys are reversible (but are the same thickness & quality of last year so your child will not overheat).  It’s also, apparently,a ‘slimming’ color for Dad coaches – if you need any further technical information about this please email Simon Anam directly.   

3. Open day/Recruitment -  We will be holding an open day on September 24th at SS (for girls) and Fort (for boys) – details to follow but we really want to recruit more players at all age groups. Please get your daughter or son to bring a friend for the morning. Obviously we have our player referral scheme but we will also have some prizes on the day.

4. Volunteers for Kit Distribution of kit - Can the volunteers for each age group (2-4 per age group) arrive 15 mins before your child is due to start training.  

5. Kit distribution – Can I suggest that you DO NOT change your child into their new kit during practice. Leave it until after practice or when you get home. We have limited time for practice and changing kids mid-way through can be disruptive for all. We have over 650 kids receiving kit on Sunday so it’s inevitable that some kids who need to change a size. IF this is the case please wait until next week and we will try to assist at that point.  

6. Charity collection - We will be collecting old kit and boots ON THE 17TH AND 24TH September. It’s a perfect time to give last year’s kit to charity (Hugo Mahe – that also means the kit from two years ago!!).  

7. Colts training is at HV6 (Dan from XBlades will be at HV6 selling boots, he is looking for two volunteers to help him out. Contact him on

U13, U14 & U14G @ 10.30am – 11.45am.

U16 & U19 @ 11.45am – 1pm

8. Minis training is at St Stephens (Armory mouthguards will be at St Stephens this Sunday)
U5, U6, U7 & U8 @ 08.30am – 09.45am.

U9, U10, U10G & U12G @ 09.30am – 10.45am.

U11 & U12 @ 10.30 – 12.00.

9. Finally – Can you ensure that you/your child know the time and location BEFORE Sunday. If you are unsure ON SUNDAY MORNING don’t send me an email, I’m at training from 8am until 12 so I’m unlikely to be checking emails. If you cannot reach your age group head coach then feel free to call me on 5509 2255 and I’ll try to help.

See you this weekend.




Posted on 1 Sept 2017

VF U10s this Sunday

Dear U10 Parents,

  1. First day of training:
    1. Sunday 3rd September at St Stephen's College sports pitches in Stanley
    2. 09.30am - 10.45am.
    3. Pitch layout attached
    4. Bring lots of water and mouthguards.
    5. We don’t get onto the pitch until 9.45, so let’s meet on the track nearest to the main entrance/our area for the warm up.
    6. Remember – no parking or pets at St Stephens.
  2. Weather policy – is on the website here. T8, red or black rain, thunderstorm warning raised by the Observatory, and training is off. Everything is good to play in.
  3. New boys/parents: when you arrive look for the white Valley Fort mini tent and someone will be there to meet you. Or just ask for the U10s, and come and find me.  Also please read the attached letter from the Chairman, Keir Macintosh
  4. Kit – pl await an email from the Chairman, but this is likely to be pushed to next weekend. Wear last year’s kit if you have it, or a red top and sports gear.  
  5. Please refer to Keir’s email for info about mouthguards and Xblade boots. Both items become more important each year.

Any questions, please drop me a line. I will be picking up calls/whatsaps until 8.15 on Sunday morning. 9301 8225.


Best, S


Posted on 22 Aug 2017

Dear U10 Parents,

U10 VF Rugby

Welcome back from those lonely months without rugby in your lives. I hope you and the children have enjoyed the summer, and are raring to go for the new season.

Some notices:

  1. First day of training:

Sunday 3rd September at St Stephen's College sports pitches in Stanley

09.30am - 10.45am.

Pitch layout below

Bring lots of water and mouthguards.

We don’t get onto the pitch until 9.45, so let’s meet on the track nearest to the main entrance/our area for the warm up.

Remember – no parking or pets at St Stephens.


  1. New boys/parents: when you arrive look for the white Valley Fort mini tent and someone will be there to meet you. Or just ask for the U10s, and come and find me.  Also please read the attached letter from the Chairman, Keir Macintosh
  2. Kit – this should be distributed on Sep 3rd at training. I need 2 or 3 volunteers to help collect and hand these out to boys.
  3. Please refer to Keir’s email for info about mouthguards and Xblade boots. Both items become more important each year.
  4. Big welcome to our new pro coach for the season, Tau Kolomatangi. As you can tell from his name, he’s Welsh.  But seriously, Tau, is a former NZ Under 20s World Cup winner. He was a professional for the Chiefs and played in the ITM cup for Waikato. He played for Valley Prems last season, and is a big, physical ball carrier and scrummager.
  5. Coach the coaches. For parents interested in helping out at training, we are running a session this Sunday (27th) from 9-10.30 at St Stephens to run through some drills, best practice and plans for the season ahead. Anyone is welcome to join. I can put you to good use regardless of your knowledge/experience of playing rugby!
  6. Recruitment. We could still do with some more kids for the age group. Please encourage the boys to invite their friends along. All shapes and sizes. We are running a Recruitment Day on Sept 17th which may be less onerous for first-timers.
  7. On the pitch. We will be starting from scratch this season when it comes to the A/B splits and positions. Everyone will be given chances to try out new positions, and to play with/against a range of boys. The bottom line is that the kids have fun and are safe.                                                                                                                                               We will also be more emphatic this season about things likediscipline, attitude and team/club spirit. This will encompass timekeeping, how the boys help set up/clear away the pitches, and how they behave on the field with their peers and coaches.
  8. Emails/communications. I am sticking with email this season, so apologies to the more technologically proficient amongst you. I have used the emails on the registration forms, so if you’d like a different email address added/changed, pl let me know asap.

See you all in a couple of weeks.

Best, S